Gator EFX vs Rough Country

Both the Gator EFX and the Rough Country Low Profile are budget-friendly options in the hard tonneau cover market, each offering its unique features.

Gator EFX is known for its lightweight design, high-quality EPDM seals, and the potential for enhanced fuel economy. This makes it a good choice for those who prioritize these features.

Pickup truck
Gator EFX on Ford F150 6’5″ Bed

On the other hand, the Rough Country Low Profile stands out with its ultra low profile design.

In terms of pricing, it’s slightly more affordable than the EFX, and it comes with a more extended warranty, making it an attractive option for those who are looking for just one time investment.

Key Features

Rough Country Hard Low Profile:

  • It has ultra low-profile design.
  • More affordable
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Carry 400lb evenly distributed weight.

Now with Gator EFX Hard Fold:

  • Light Weight Design.
  • EPDM seals does great job in preventing water leakage.

Shared Features:

  • Dual-Action Tailgate Seal
  • Pull Cord Latching
  • Full metal
  • 2/3 bed access
SpecificationRough Country Low ProfileGator EFX
LatchingPull Cord Latching SystemPull Cord
Frame MaterialAluminumAluminum
Panel ExteriorAircraft Grade AluminumMilitary Grade Aluminum
Seal MaterialRubberEPDM Rubber Seals
FinishBlack Powdered FinishTextured and Lustrous Finish
InstallationClamp-on InstallationClamp-on Installation
Weather ResistanceUV and Corrosion Resistant CoatingUV and Rust Resistant Coating
SecurityIntegrated Locking SystemIntegrated Locking System
Weight Capacity400 lbsUp to 300 lbs (Evenly Distributed)
Cover Weight70 pounds55 lbs
Bed Access2/3 Bed Access2/3 Bed Access
Tailgate SealDual Action Tailgate sealDual Action Tailgate seal
WarrantyLifetime Limited Warranty3 Years Limited Warranty
Rough Country Low profile vs Gator EFX


Gator EFX tonneau cover
Gator EFX installed on 5’7″ bed

Gator EFX tonneau cover features a tri-fold design. The panel core is constructed with aluminum.

Exterior panels are also aluminum, ensuring a robust and durable surface. For protection they are finished with black powder coat, offering protection against scratches and UV damage.

Frame of Gator EFX, supporting aluminum panels, is made from the same aluminum material, making cover sturdy and lightweight.

Like all other premium quality covers it also features EPDM seals to prevent water leakage and to keep the dust particles at bay.

As for the latching mechanism, the Gator EFX is equipped with a simple yet effective pull cord latch. The cord is located under each panel, for secure closing and easy opening of the cover.

Furthermore, it features the dual-action tailgate seal, that allows for closing the cover without the need to open the cover, adding an extra layer of convenience and functionality.

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Rough Country Low Profile is also a tri-fold tonneau cover. As the name suggests it has a sleek, low profile design which reduces the wind drag and improves the driving experience.

Panels are made of durable aluminum sheets which are treated with powder coating to make the cover rust free.

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For protection from dust and water rubber seals are used to make the cover airtight and water tight. Its frame is also made with aluminum and coated black to avoid corrosion.

Overall, both covers have similar design and material. EFX features premium EPDM seals for weather protection and both covers have dual action tailgate seals for easy operation.

Durability and Weather Resistance

Both Rough Country Low Profile and Gator EFX covers have similar composition and design, however, Rough Country Low Profile is more durable, capable of supporting up to 400 lbs, compared to the 300 lbs capacity of Gator EFX.

Rough Country Hard Cover
Rough Country Low Profile Hard Cover

When it comes to water resistance, Gator EFX excels due to its EPDM seals, a feature associated with premium quality covers.

With RC Low profile you will see more water leakage, in normal to heavy rain. Though there can be many reasons for this leakage.

If the cover does not fit properly, there’s a good chance that you see the water in your truck bed even with Gator EFX too.

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Both covers are equipped with powder coatings, making them equally resistant to UV rays and corrosion. As a result, neither cover fades or gets rusty.

It’s important to note that parking your truck in an uncovered area can affect the elasticity of the seals. In this regard, Gator EFX has an advantage with its EPDM seals, which are more durable than the regular rubber seals found in RC Low Profile.

Gator EFX 2/3 bed access
Gator EFX offers partial bed access, because its one panel next to the cabin is fixed.

Let me highlight that, RC Low Profile offers a lifetime warranty, providing the opportunity for replacement if needed (but it’s advisable to check warranty guidelines before purchasing).

In conditions like hail, RC Low Profile has a slight edge due to its thicker aluminum sheets, which make it more resistant to dents and dings. This also makes the cover heavier than Gator EFX.

Both covers are capable of withstanding snowy conditions without freezing or breaking. However, Rough Country Low Profile is superior in heavy snow, able to support 100 lbs more snow weight than Gator EFX.

If Gator EFX is exposed to snow for more than a week, it’s necessary to wipe off the snow from its top.

Rough Country Low Profile stands out for its durability and ability to withstand extreme weather, while Gator EFX offers better water resistance thanks to its EPDM seals.

Which provides better security?

Both Gator EFX and Rough Country Low Profile, both offer comparable levels of security, as they are equipped with similar locking mechanisms. The pull cord latch that engages at the tailgate and can only be unlocked when the tailgate is down.

The addition of a locked tailgate further enhances the security of both covers.

Additionally, both covers are well-sealed, ensuring that no one can take a peek and see what’s inside.

In terms of protection against potential threats such as knives or other sharp objects, both covers are made of aluminum. That means the panels are sturdy and impenetrable, providing a strong barrier against any attempted breaches.

Both covers are equally secure and provide good protection to your truck bed.

Everyday Usability and Maintenance

Gator EFX is notably lighter, making it easier to use. This lighter weight means less effort is needed for opening and closing the cover.

Both covers offer similar latching mechanism that offers user-friendly opening and closing mechanisms.

Additionally, both covers improve vehicle’s aerodynamics, and ensure a quieter ride by reducing wind resistance. However, the Gator EFX’s lightweight design further benefits fuel economy, as the reduced weight can lead to slightly improved fuel efficiency.

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Regarding maintenance, both covers require same amount of care. Their durable construction requires minimal maintenance. You can wash it with detergent and water or you can take your truck to a car wash.

Gator EFX, with its lighter weight, offers ease of use and improved fuel efficiency, while both it and the RC Low Profile cover enhance vehicle aerodynamics and require minimal maintenance.

Cost Comparison

So, you’ve got the Gator EFX at $699 with a decent 3-year warranty. It’s really good with its tight seals, keeping your stuff safe from rain or dust.

Rough Country Low Profile is more affordable at $645, and it comes with a lifetime warranty. It excels in durability, providing long-lasting protection for your truck bed.

Both are solid choices and worth their price. However, since we’re comparing the two, Rough Country Low Profile seems to have a slight edge with its lifetime warranty and reputation for toughness.


In conclusion, when comparing the RC Low Profile and EFX covers, each has its distinct advantages. Rough Country Low Profile excels in terms of warranty, durability, and overall value for its price, despite its less effective seals and subpar customer service.

Conversely, Gator EFX cover stands out for its ease of use, with better sealing against leaks and a lightweight design that even children can manage.

Your decision should be based on what you value more, the long-term reliability and robustness of the RC Low Profile, or the user-friendly, practical nature of the EFX cover.