BAKFlip F1 vs FiberMax

BAKFlip FiberMax is an affordable, lightweight tonneau cover with fiberglass-reinforced polymer top and powder coated aluminum underside, offering both strength and resistance to scratches. It has a shiny, textured surface, … Read More

BAKFlip MX4 vs Rough Country Low Profile

BAKFlip MX4 has superior build quality with premium features like EPDM seals for enhanced weather resistance, though it comes at a higher price point. Rough Country Low Profile offers a budget-friendly option with a lifetime warranty, although it may have slightly less effective seals and customer service. Both covers ensure robust security and everyday usability, accommodating various preferences and budgets.

Are Hard Tonneau Covers Worth it?

Absolutely, hard tonneau covers are worth considering. These covers are the most durable and secure in the market. They are made of tough materials like fiberglass and aluminum that really … Read More

BAKFlip MX4 vs G2

BAKFlip G2 is scratch-resistant and low maintenance cover, while MX4 is more robust and supports heavier loads but is prone to scratches. Both offer similar water resistance and security features. MX4 is pricier with a 5-year warranty, compared to the G2’s 3-year warranty.

BAKFlip MX4 vs FiberMax

MX4 is known for its robust full metal construction and promises lasting durability. While FiberMax holds up better against regular use without significant wear. Plus its also lighter in comparison.

BAKFlip F1 vs Gator FX3

BAKFlip F1, known for its premium blend of aluminum panels with a fiberglass reinforced polymer top, offers exceptional durability and advanced weather resistance. On the other hand, the Gator FX3, … Read More

Do Tonneau Covers help You save On Gas?

Tonneau covers can slightly improve truck fuel efficiency by reducing aerodynamic drag, especially on highways, potentially increasing mileage by 5-10%. However, the actual impact varies based on driving habits and truck type. While offering benefits like security and cargo protection, they should complement, not replace, efficient driving and regular maintenance for overall fuel economy improvement.

Different Types of Tonneau Covers

Each category is tailored to a specific type of truck owner, offering unique features and benefit, and these are classified into 5 categories:

– Folding Tonneau Covers
– Retractable Tonneau Covers
– Roll Up Tonneau Covers
– Hinged Tonneau Covers
– Snap or Snap-less Tonneau Covers

How To Measure A Truck bed For A Tonneau Cover?

Key Takeaways:
Start at the Back Position yourself at the truck’s floor near the tailgate.

Length Measurement Place a measuring tape (10 feet long) from the inside edge of the tailgate to the bulkhead (close to the cab).

Finalize Length Record the measurement at the end of the bed, near the tailgate.

Unit Conversion If measured in inches, divide by 12 to get the length in feet, matching common tonneau cover dimensions.

Width Check Additionally, measure the width across the bed rails for complete size compatibility.

Choosing the Right Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover for Your Truck

Selecting a tri-fold tonneau cover for your truck hinges on use frequency, durability, budget, and style. Hard covers are best for security and rough use, while soft covers offer ease and flexibility. They can improve fuel efficiency, with material quality affecting lifespan and maintenance. A good warranty adds peace of mind. This choice enhances your truck’s functionality and aesthetics, making it a practical, stylish investment.

Pros and Cons of Tri-Fold Tonneau Covers

Tonneau covers have evolved significantly since their inception, initially designed to shield cargo from the elements and prying eyes. Among these, tri-fold tonneau covers have gained popularity for their practicality … Read More

Roll-N-Lock M-Series vs A-Series

Roll-N-Lock M-Series and A-Series covers are both retractable truck bed covers, but they differ in design and materials. Both have key locks and use a torsion spring for smooth retraction. … Read More