Gator FX3 Detailed Review

Gator FX3 Hard Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover is known for its strong aluminum construction and scratch-resistant fibreglass panel top, which protect the cover from harsh UV rays.

Gator FX3
The matte finish on FX3 looks cool.

This material choice gives the Gator FX3 its distinctive strength and durability while maintaining a lighter weight compared to fully metal covers.

It offers full bed access and it is compatible with a wide variety of trucks.

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After using the Gator FX3 Hard Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover on my fleet of trucks, including popular models like Ford F150s and Ram 2500s, I’ve gathered some valuable insights.

Easy Installation: Straightforward to install, often a one-person job, taking about an hour without needing extra tools.
Fit and Finish: It fits perfectly on the trucks, enhancing their appearance.
Accessibility: Easy full access to the truck bed, and it’s convenient to operate due to less weight.
Water Resistance: The cover effectively keeps the bed dry most of the time.

Seal Quality: The bulkhead seal could be stickier; I had to replace it with a more weatherproof option from Amazon.
Leakage: Although it keeps out most water, it’s not entirely watertight in heavy rain.
Customer Service: There have been some challenges with customer service responsiveness and receiving the correct parts.

Here’s the table of specifications for the Gator FX3 tonneau cover.

LatchingSlam latches with pull cord to unlock
Panel CoreBottom layer Aluminum
Middle layer high density foam
Top layer FRP
Frame MaterialAluminum
Seal MaterialEPDM Seals
FinishFibreglass Reinforced Polymer
InstallationNo-Drill Clamp-On
Weather ResistanceWater drainage system,
Scratch and UV Resistant Coat
SecurityEnhanced Locking Mechanism
Weight CapacityUp to 300 lbs (Evenly Distributed)
Cover Weight55 lbs Approx.
Bed AccessFull Bed Access
Tailgate SealDual-Purpose Tailgate Seal
Warranty2 Years
Price rang$1,049 to $1,089
Table of Specs – Gator FX3


Gator FX3, made with Fibreglass reinforced polymer top panels, offers exceptional strength. It features a low-profile appearance that sits flush with the truck bed.

The matte finish not only looks good, but also provides resistance against daily wear and tear. The cover is made weather-tight with EPDM rubber seals.

Opening and closing the cover is straightforward, though it requires opening the tailgate to lock or unlock the cover, which may be a minor inconvenience for some.

Gator's hard trifold cover
Gator FX3 can be tri-fold or quad fold depending upon the bed size.

Gator FX3 comes equipped with buckle straps to keep the cover partially open, and prop rods are provided for full bed access, holding it at a 90° position.

Now, for a bit of honesty: the quality of the clamps is just fine. However, there’s a small space near the tailgate that might allow a bit of water to sneak in.

To sum up, the Gator FX3 offers a pretty good deal. It’s sturdy, looks sharp, and is easy to use. While it might have a couple of quirks, for the price point, it’s a solid choice for many truck lovers.

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Usage and Impact

The Gator FX3 is easy to open and close, without any fuss. To open the cover, first open the tailgate. Then press the latch. Closing it is just as simple: fold the panels and clamp them down. If you have larger items to transport, fold the cover partially or all the way back.

It protects your items well. The EPDM rubber seals and panels shield against weather like rain and snow. You can trust your cargo to stay dry in rain.

For security, the cover locks with the tailgate. This gives you more peace of mind about safety.

Its low-profile design is practical. It helps reduce wind drag, which can make driving smoother and maybe even save on fuel.

For maintenance, regularly clean the cover with mild soap and water, and lubricate its latches and hinges to ensure smooth operation and prevent rust. Periodically inspect and maintain the EPDM rubber seals for optimal weatherproofing.

In short, the Gator FX3 is a straightforward cover that offers protection, security, and improved driving. If you want something uncomplicated that does its job well, this cover is a good choice.

Is Gator FX3 Secure?

Fully closed Gator FX3 Tonneau Cover
Dual action tailgate seal saves a lot of time.

The Gator FX3 tonneau cover is well-regarded for its security features. It employs a robust “slam latch” system with individual locks, offering tighter closure and enhanced protection compared to basic models.

For those prioritizing maximum security, the FX3’s optional security package includes a strengthened aluminum sub-frame and aircraft-grade panels, significantly boosting its defense against theft.

While it provides a good level of protection by keeping cargo out of sight and adding locking mechanisms, it’s important to note that it isn’t completely theft-proof.

The integration with locking tailgates further reinforces its security, making it a strong contender in its category.

Gator FX3 keeps your stuff hidden and secure, but it’s not theft-proof. When locked, it’s a good deterrent.

Weather Endurance

Gator FX3 does a good job of keeping out light rain and splashes. But if you’re facing a heavy downpour or a storm, a little water might find its way inside.

The seals and stripping play their part in keeping water out. They’re effective in most cases, but they might have their limits during extreme weather.

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The Gator FX3 tonneau cover handles small to medium hail effectively, but larger hail could potentially cause dents. It’s suitable for light snow; however, during heavy snowfall, its performance might be somewhat limited.

It’s important to ensure that the weight of the snow does not exceed the cover’s recommended weight capacity.

The cover is designed to resist UV rays, so it shouldn’t fade or lose its color quickly. But remember, even with UV protection, everything faces wear and tear over time.

Now, the material. It’s sturdy, but like anything exposed to the sun’s rays, it might show some signs of aging over the years. UV rays can break down materials slowly, so it’s not uncommon for the cover to show some wear after a while.

Gator FX3 effectively handles light rain and daily weather challenges but may stutter under extreme conditions. While UV-resistant, prolonged exposure might show wear over time.

Is it Worth the Money?

The Gator FX3 comes with a price tag ranging from $1,049 to $1,089. And hey, its warranty is holding strong for 2 years. So, let’s get to the point is this tonneau cover worth the bucks you’re spending?

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If you’re after a tonneau cover that wraps your truck bed in solid protection and convenience, the Gator FX3 is a good option here. You won’t be disappointed by the built quality.

It also gives you a 30-day cash-back offer, so you have a month to make up your mind. But, let’s be real – if you’re craving a lengthier warranty or some extra frills, it might be smart to check out other options.

Gator FX3, priced from $1,049 to $1,089, provides quality truck bed protection with a 2-year warranty.

Final Thoughts

In essence, considering the price range, the Gator FX3 falls right in the middle. It’s not the cheapest, but it’s not overly pricey either. And for what you’re paying, it offers solid quality.

I’d definitely choose the Gator FX3. It’s user-friendly, robust in appearance, and resistant to wear and tear. Overall, I’m quite satisfied with its performance, especially considering the price.

Although it might not match the performance of covers costing twice as much, it offers significant value and functionality.