LOMAX Stance Detailed Review

The LOMAX STANCE Hard Cover, available in three striking finishes, robust Black Urethane, lustrous Diamond Plate, and modern Carbon Fiber, has consistently exceeded my expectations. These finishes not only add a layer of sophistication to my trucks but also offer superb UV and corrosion resistance. But what else they have to offer? Well, you’re about to find out!

LOMAX Stance Black Urethane
LOMAX Stance Hard Cover – Black Urethane Coating

P.S. I’ve also finally was able to compile the data, in a tabular form, you’d find it below, depending on where my editor decides to put it.

My Positive Experiences with the LOMAX STANCE Hard Cover:

Throughout my extensive use of the LOMAX STANCE Hard Covers on my fleet of trucks, ranging from my 2017 to my 2021 F-150s, I’ve gathered a wealth of positive experiences:

LOMAX Stance Black powdered coated cover
LOMAX Stance Black Urethane Coating
  • Ease of Installation: Each installation has been straightforward. I’ve installed these covers myself with ease, appreciating the user-friendly design.
  • Water Resistance: The covers excel in keeping my cargo dry, a testament to their effective design, with only minor exceptions due to the truck’s own tailgate design.
  • Compatibility and Look: Their sleek look never fails to complement my trucks’ aesthetics, and the compatibility with bed accessories like factory ramps has been excellent.
  • Quality and Durability: The robust build quality withstands heavy use, including snow load, without any compromise in performance.
  • Customer Service: Whenever I’ve encountered issues, such as the wrong hardware or needed additional installation materials, the customer service has been prompt and efficient, ensuring any inconvenience was quickly rectified.
  • Functional Versatility: The vertical stand-up feature of the cover is particularly impressive, providing full bed access for large items, which has been incredibly convenient.

While here’s are some areas for Improvement, I learned during my experiences with them:

While my experiences have largely been positive, I’ve noticed opportunities where LOMAX could enhance their product:

  • Tailgate Seal: Even though the cover itself is robust in sealing out moisture, I’ve noticed that during car washes, the tailgate area can let in some water. An improved sealing solution here would make the cover impeccable.
  • Hardware Accuracy: On one occasion, the hardware provided was not correct for my truck model. Although customer service resolved this quickly, ensuring that the correct hardware is provided initially would streamline the process.
  • Installation Clarity: I found some discrepancies in the installation instructions between different formats. Ensuring that these are consistent would make the process even smoother for first-time users.

Tabular Data, (I talked about Earlier)

DesignLow-Profile (sits less than 1/2 inch above the truckbed)
LatchingPull Cord Latch
Frame/Panel CoreBoth Aluminum
Top CoatingBlack Urethane.
Black diamond mist.
Carbon Fiber.
Seal MaterialEPDM Rubber Seals
InstallationClamp-On No-drill installation
Weather ResistanceWater-resistant coating, UV-resistant coating
Weight Capacity300 lbs (evenly distributed)
Cover WeightApprox. 65 to 70 lbs.
Bed AccessFull bed access using “RigidLink Locking”
LockingAutomatic ten-point locking
AccessoriesProp rods only (typically seen on others).
Tailgate SealAutomatic Dual Locking System
Warranty3 years Limited Lifetime Warranty
LOMAX Stance- Table of specs


The LOMAX Stance Tonneau Cover comes equipped with a dual-side pull cable feature. This means you can fold the cover from one side without the need to go around your truck. Once you get used to it, it makes accessing your truck bed super convenient.

LOMAX Stance Aluminum Rails
LOMAX Stance Rails

Design-wise, the cover has 10 locking clips that secure it in place. Though they do their job well, an upgrade to aluminum might make them even more robust.

When it comes to coatings, you have a few choices. There’s the “Black Diamond Mist” and the default “Black Urethane Black”.

Additionally, they’ve recently introduced a “Carbon Fiber” coating. Carbon fiber has gained popularity in the auto industry for its strength and stylish appearance.

While it comes at an additional cost, it enhances the cover’s durability and security. So, if you have a taste for quality and don’t mind spending a bit more, this might be a worthy addition.

Underneath, the cover uses thin yet sturdy aluminum sheets. However, adding carpeting to the underside would be a beneficial touch.

LOMAX Stance’s lightweight aluminum build stands out, earning its spot on our list of Best Hard Trifold Tonneau Covers (link in the highlighted blue text).

Not only would it protect the cover from the inside, but it would also reduce noise, offering a quieter drive.

Leakage Resistance Performance

The LOMAX Stance Tonneau Cover does a pretty decent job in the weather department. When it comes to rain, it’s like having a roof over your truck bed.

Light showers are usually shrugged off, but if Nature decides to throw a storm, there might be some water seeping in.

Wondering about tonneau cover leaks? Check out the detailed article here https://toptonneaureview.com/do-all-tonneau-covers-leak/.

Now, speaking of sandstorms, this cover holds up better than any other hardcover at this price in the market. It’s not entirely sandproof, but it definitely puts up a fight.

As for keeping your cargo dry, it’s a mixed bag. Moderate rain isn’t much of a problem, but a heavy downpour might find its way in through the corners.

But, and this is a big but, don’t expect this cover to turn into a boat during a rainstorm. It’s not completely waterproof, and there might be some moisture sneaking in during intense rain or snow.

So, while it’s not the superhero of weather resistance, it’s a reliable sidekick that’s pretty darn good for most situations.

And when it comes to that good ol’ sandstorm, well, it can handle the grit and the dust fairly well. Just don’t expect it to be airtight.

So, in a nutshell, the LOMAX Stance is like that friend who’s there for most of the adventure but might skip out on the really wild ones.

Performance in Different Weather Conditions

The LOMAX Stance cover handles sandstorms quite well, offering a reasonable level of protection against sand and dust.

However, it’s important to note that no cover is entirely airtight, so there might be some minimal infiltration of sand particles in extremely severe conditions.

When it comes to hail storms, the cover’s aluminum construction provides decent resilience against small to moderate hailstones.

However, in the face of a severe hailstorm with larger and more forceful hailstones, there might be some impact on the cover’s surface.

In cold weather and snowy areas, the LOMAX Stance generally holds up. The cover’s design and materials are crafted to endure various weather conditions, including freezing temperatures and snowfall.

However, like most covers, extremely heavy or wet snow accumulation could potentially pose challenges.

Overall, while the LOMAX Stance offers a good level of protection against sandstorms, hail storms, cold weather, and snowy conditions, it’s important to manage expectations and consider the severity of the weather events you might encounter.

Is the Cover Theft-Proof?

Unlocking the LOMAX Stance cover typically requires opening the tailgate. This integrated system enhances security, as the cover can’t be unlocked without accessing the tailgate.

It’s like having a reliable guard over my cargo. I’ve been using it for a while now and haven’t had a single security issue. Even though I’m aware that it’s not completely invulnerable to aggressive attempts of break-in with sharp tools, it has held up remarkably well against everyday threats.

What I really appreciate is the peace of mind it provides. Once locked, the cover creates a secure seal that keeps my truck bed contents out of sight, which is essential for me.

While I know no solution is 100% foolproof if someone is really determined, the LOMAX Stance has so far deterred any casual attempts at theft.

Based on my experiences and what I’ve heard from other users, the cover’s security features are top-notch. Of course, you can’t be complacent, I always make sure to park in secure areas and double-check that the cover is properly fastened and locked.

Adding extra security measures, like good lighting or an alarm, also goes a long way in protecting my belongings. But as for the cover itself, it’s been a solid investment for the security and protection of my cargo.

Easy Operation

The LOMAX Stance Tonneau Cover stands out for its robust security features, offering peace of mind to truck owners. The cover effectively shields cargo from the elements and potential theft, ensuring that whatever you’re carrying remains safe and secure.

Aerodynamic design is another benefit of the LOMAX Stance Cover. It fits snugly over the truck bed, presenting a low-profile that reduces wind resistance. This streamlined form can lead to smoother driving and may even offer the added benefit of fuel savings, making it both a practical and economically savvy choice for truck owners.

Ease of use is a key feature of this tonneau cover. Its intuitive locking and unlocking mechanism is straightforward, eliminating any struggle with complex operations. The cover is also designed to flip open easily with a user-friendly handle, and the rigid link locking system allows for partial opening, adding an element of flexibility to its functionality.

In terms of maintenance, the LOMAX Stance Cover is built to last, requiring little effort to maintain its condition.

While routine cleaning is sufficient to keep the cover looking sharp, it’s the long-term durability and resistance to weathering that adds real value, ensuring the cover continues to protect your cargo and enhance your truck’s performance for years to come.

Installation (Is that easy enough?)

When I first heard people taking 2 or 3 hours to install their tonneau covers, I was skeptical. But I decided to give it a try myself, despite not being a DIY guru, (talking about the first ever cover I tried).

Surprisingly, it was simpler than anticipated.

I started by unboxing and organizing all the components, cross-referencing with the manual to ensure nothing was missing. Then, I positioned the side rails on the truck bed, they’re essential as the cover’s foundation.

Laying the cover on the rails required a bit of finesse to align everything correctly, but once in place, I secured it with the clamps provided, which was crucial to prevent any movement while driving.

The real convenience came with the pull cables, where a gentle tug released the clips on both sides, allowing me to fold the cover back effortlessly. I practiced folding and unfolding the cover several times to get the feel of it, making sure to inspect for any potential gaps.

So, yea, the overall, the installation was a breeze, far from the complex task I had anticipated.

Does LOMAX Stance’s Price do the justice?

After personally evaluating the features and construction quality of the LOMAX Stance Tonneau Cover, I find the price point of 1 to 2.5 grands, to be reasonable.

The cover’s robustness and design quality align well with the cost.

Moreover, the inclusion of a 3-year limited warranty and the option for a 30-day cash back offer further validate the investment, adding to its value proposition.

Initially, the price may seem a bit steep, but considering the long-term advantages like consistent cargo protection, the enhanced look it lends to the truck, and its functionality, it’s a price I’m willing to pay.

As a truck owner looking for a reliable cover, the LOMAX Stance strikes me as a sound purchase that justifies its cost with its performance and added features.


So overall, my experience with the LOMAX has been largely positive across my truck fleet.

I mean, it’s installation is simple and quick, water resistance is effective, and their durability is commendable. The covers look great and are compatible with other bed accessories. And customer service is responsive and helpful when issues arise. And yes, the vertical stand-up option is a game-changer for hauling.

Though like any other, there are areas for improvement, such as better tailgate sealing and hardware matching.

Despite these points, the cover’s performance in various weather conditions and its security features offer great value.

The price, given the quality and the included warranty, feels justified for a reliable tonneau cover like this.