Pace Edwards UltraGroove Detailed Review

The Pace Edwards UltraGroove Tonneau Cover features a robust aluminum construction with easy retractability and a flushed design.

Its advanced features, like the Rail Expansion System and weather-resistant seals, ensure both functionality and durability.

Pace Edwards UltraGroove Review
Pace Edwards Ultra Groove-Detailed Review

Designed for everyday convenience, it balances aesthetics, protection, and practicality for truck owners.

While these retractable covers do take up a tad bit of your truck’s territory, it’s a positive thing for your safety. It does not mess with your rearview and third brake light.

And guess what? This cover comes in both options – electric and manual opening/closing styles. We’ll break down its features, talk about the cool stuff it offers, and highlight the cons. Let’s get into it.

Having tested and used this tonneau cover extensively across my fleet of trucks, here’s my comprehensive review:

  • Adaptable Design: I really value the cover’s groove rails. They’re a game changer, letting me easily attach things like ladders and paddle boards. It’s a feature I haven’t seen matched by other covers in the market.
  • Resilient in Extreme Conditions: I’ve tested this cover in some tough scenarios, including a severe blizzard and temperatures dropping to -20. It’s held up remarkably well, staying fully functional no matter the weather.
  • Enhances Truck Aesthetics: I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my trucks’ appearance with this cover. Its high-quality look is something that always catches the eye and earns compliments.
  • Straightforward Installation: Initially, I was a bit puzzled by the instructions, but I found that watching some YouTube tutorials made the installation process quite manageable. I managed to install it solo, which speaks to its user-friendliness.
  • Security for Cargo: One of the things I appreciate most is the security it provides. I feel confident that whatever I’m carrying in the truck bed is well-protected, adding peace of mind to my daily operations.
  • Electric models can be controlled from phone via bluetooth kit.
  • Fitting Difficulties with Certain Trucks: I faced some hurdles with the fit and adjustment on specific models, particularly the ’17-’18 Superdutys. The universal design didn’t align perfectly. Also, fitting the drain tubes into the plastic canister proved to be a tricky task, needing extra hands to get it right.
  • Not Fully Waterproof: While this cover is more effective at keeping water out than many others I’ve tried, it isn’t completely waterproof. I’ve noticed some water seepage, especially around the tailgate end in Ford F150 2021, which could be an area for improvement.
  • Sagging and Hard to Move: On one cover there’s a noticeable sag in the middle of the cover near the tailgate, which sometimes makes closing the tailgate a bit of a challenge. Additionally, pulling the cover towards the tailgate requires more effort than I’d like, which can be a bit of a hassle during busy days.

Let’s jump into the specs.

Specification/FeaturePace Edwards UltraGroove Metal Tonneau Cover
MaterialHeavy-duty aluminum
FinishArmorTek padded polymer bonded to aluminum slats
Canister SizeCompact canister 10 to 11 inches deep and 11 inches tall
OperationBoth Electric and Manual options
Drive SystemContinuous Tension Spring mechanism
Locking PositionLocking positions at every 12 inches
Open & Closepull strap and lever for manual, remote for electric
Weather ProtectionWater drainage system
Rack IntegrationT-Slot and rear Explorer Series rails for accessory attachment.
InstallationNo-drill, clamp-on design
Weight Capacity 300 lbs. distributed evenly
Cover Weight98 pounds
Warranty5-year warranty
Table of specifications- Pace Edwards UltraGroove Cover

Design and Built Quality

Pace Edwards UltraGroove Fully closed
Pace Edwards UG Tonneau Cover

First off, its metal design sits really flush, which is awesome for your truck’s aerodynamics. And let’s talk about the canister – it’s a space-saving champ. It’s about 10 to 11 inches deep and tall, leaving some room underneath.

What’s cool is that the canister has these bristles. They’re like bodyguards for your cover, making sure it doesn’t scratch that shiny vinyl when it’s sliding in.

Rails are sealed up tight with embedded gaskets. And they’ve added foam in front of the canister, acting like a “moisture, you’re not welcome here” sign.

Speaking of moisture, this baby has 4 drain tubes instead of the usual 2, keeping things extra dry.

Now, the star feature – is the Rail Expansion System (RES). You can fit it over any fifth-wheel goose-neck hitch that’s not more than 2 inches below the bed rails.

Now, let’s talk operation. There are 2 options – Electric and Manual/Spring load.

Electric version defines convenience with its remote control functionality. Push a button and watch the cover do its thing. And it’s got electromagnetic brake locks, so system provides ultimate control, stop-and-go movement as you see fit.

Switching gears to the Manual/Spring-loaded option. To open, simply unlock your tailgate, there’s a lever underneath – give it a tug, it unfurls and the cover springs open. To close, the pull cable comes into play, making it a straightforward process.

For partial opening it’s got 12-inch locking intervals, offering you 4 different opening positions. And you can totally drive with it partially open.

It’s solid. But it’s a bit trickier to install than others. And for the manual one, knobs are only on one side.

Both flavors give you a good dose of water resistance and a solid 3-year manufacturing warranty.

Oh, one more thing – the electric one might cost a bit more, but hey, the quality is on par.

So, whether it’s the electric convenience or the manual classic, the Pace Edwards Ultra Groove is ready to roll with you.

Pace Edwards UltraGroove fully open
Pace Edwards UltraGroove’s Cannister

How to Install Pace Edwards UltraGroove?

Let’s dive into installing the Pace Edwards UltraGroove Metal Tonneau Cover. Here’s how I’d break it down like I’m talking from experience:

Alright, buckle up, ’cause we’re about to get this cover on your truck and looking slick!

First up, unbox that bad boy and lay out all the pieces. Double-check to make sure you’ve got everything you need as per the manual. Missing parts can throw a wrench in the works, so watch out.

Now, grab those side rails. These are like the foundation for your cover, so place them on your truck bed. Make sure they’re aligned and ready to rock.

Time to bring in the star of the show – the UltraGroove Metal Cover. Gently slide that beauty onto the rails. It should fit in snugly, like a puzzle piece falling into place.

Got some clamps? You’ll need them to secure the cover to those side rails. Tighten them up really well to keep everything steady. No wobbling allowed!

Now, let’s talk canister. This little guy is your cover’s buddy, so position it inside the truck bed near the cabin. It’s where your cover rolls into when you slide it open.

Oh, and take a look at those side rails – they’re nicely sealed with gaskets. And there’s foam near the canister to keep moisture at bay. These folks are thinking ahead, I tell you!

Speaking of moisture, this cover is all about staying dry. It’s got four drain tubes to keep water from hanging around where it shouldn’t.

Now, here’s the cool part – the Rack Integration. If you’re into adding extras like bike racks or cargo baskets, this cover’s got your back. Those T-Slot and rear Explorer Series rails are like the ultimate playground for accessories.

Alright, let’s get to the nitty-gritty of opening and closing this bad boy. If you’re rolling with the electric version, you’ve got remote control power.

Press a button, and watch that cover go. It’s got electromagnetic brake locks too, so you can stop it whenever you want.

If you’re more of a manual kind of person, no worries. Just unlock that tailgate, and you’re ready to roll. There’s a handle underneath – give it a pull, and watch the cover do its thing. To close it, there’s a pull cable – simple and easy.

Oh, and don’t forget – this cover can hang out halfway open if you need it to. There are 12-inch locking intervals, giving you choices for partial openings.

After you’ve installed it, take a step back and admire your work. You just leveled up your truck game!

Remember, the manual is your co-pilot here. But if you hit a roadblock, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts. You got this!

Handling Different Weather Conditions

Let’s find out how it deals with different weather conditions.

Weather coated UltraGroove Top
Pace Edwards UltraGroove Tonneau Cover’s top

Leakage Proof

The UltraGroove is designed with full-perimeter seals and weather stripping to keep out water and dust. While it is highly effective in preventing water ingress, no cover can be entirely waterproof due to the nature of truck beds.

Wondering do all tonneau covers leak? Read our detailed article here

It performs excellently in light to moderate rain, but during heavy downpours, there could be minor water ingress, especially at the corners.

Stormy Situations

The UltraGroove is a solid choice for stormy weather. It handles light to moderate storms well, keeping your truck bed and cargo secure. However, during heavy storms with strong winds and intense rain, there might be minor leaks.

Facing Hailstorms

The robust aluminum construction of the UltraGroove provides good protection against small hailstones, minimizing their impact on your truck bed.

However, during severe hailstorms with more giant hailstones, there is a possibility of some damage.

Cold Weather and Snowy Areas

The UltraGroove performs well in cold and snowy climates. Its design and seal help to keep out snow and moisture, protecting your cargo.

However, during heavy snowfall, there could be minor snow ingress, especially if snow accumulates on the cover.

Remember, while the UltraGroove offers reliable protection, extreme weather conditions can sometimes challenge even the best tonneau covers. Regular maintenance and checks will ensure that your cover is in tip-top shape.

Is Pace Edward UltraGroove theft-proof?

UltraGroove – retractable tonneau cover by Pace Edwards

For security reasons, you cannot unlock the cover without opening the tailgate. You’ve got to open that tailgate first before the cover gets in on the action. These two are like partners in keeping things locked down.

Now, when it comes to sharp tools like knives trying to break through the cover, well, it’s sturdier enough to be penetrable. But let’s be real nothing is 100% theft proof, if someone’s determined enough, they might get through.

About Security complaints? Never heard any. But that doesn’t mean you can close your eyes and leave your precious stuff in the bed and leave your truck in a strange parking space for hours. You gotta act smartly here.

The cover’s there to give some privacy and no one can peek into your stuff when it is properly installed and locked. But if someone’s super curious, they might find a way to sneak a peek.

It is always a good idea to check if the seals are properly attached before you leave your truck.

Now, let’s talk about keeping those potential thieves at bay. Remember, no cover is like Fort Knox, but you can beef up your truck’s security with some smart moves.

Think about extra locks, using your truck’s existing security system, and parking in well-lit areas.

Everyday Usage of Pace Edwards UltraGroove

The Pace Edwards UltraGroove Tonneau Cover is all about easy operation. You can control it remotely, so no need to fuss with it by hand. It opens and closes smoothly without you doing much. Kinda gives you that luxury feel.

What’s cool is that you can have manual switches too. You can put them wherever you want – inside your truck or at the back by the tailgate. This makes things super comfy.

When it’s about security, this cover’s got you covered. It locks itself in any position you want. You know it’s gonna stay put no matter what’s happening outside.

They’ve connected the electric motor to your truck’s battery. So, it’s always ready to work. You won’t have to worry about it suddenly not working.

Even if the power’s out, they’ve got a backup plan. They call it the Drive System release lever. It lets you move the cover even when there’s no power. It’s like a safety net.

Now, this cover is smart too. They’ve got this RES™ rail expansion system. You can stick racks on it to carry stuff like bikes or whatever. This cover’s ready for all your adventures.

They’ve thought about rain too. There are drain tubes in the front and back. So, water won’t hang around, even if it’s not the best weather.

Installing it is a piece of cake. No drilling, just easy clamping. You save time and don’t need to sweat it out.

And, guess what? They’ve got your back with a three-year warranty. This cover’s built tough, and they’re not afraid to stand behind it.

So, in a nutshell, the Pace Edwards UltraGroove Tonneau Cover is all about making life easy. You can control it how you like, and it’s got your cargo safe and sound. It’s not just a cover, it’s like a buddy that’s always got your back.

Is Pace Edwards UltraGroove Worth the Money?

Let’s talk about the Pace Edwards UltraGroove Tonneau Cover and what makes it stand out.

First off, this cover brings that touch of luxury to your truck. It’s not just about protecting your cargo, it’s about doing it in style.

When you look at the quality and features it offers, the price tag, ranging from $2,065 to $2,301, starts to make a lot of sense. You’re not just paying for a cover, you’re investing in a premium experience for your truck.

And here’s the kicker – they’ve got your back with a solid 3-year warranty. That’s a statement of confidence in their product’s durability.

They also give you a 30-day cash-back guarantee they offer. It’s like a trial period to see if the cover gels with your truck and your needs. Not many brands are that sure you’ll fall in love with what they’re offering.

So, yes, the price might seem a bit steep at first glance, but when you consider the luxurious feel, the top-notch quality, and the features it brings to the table, it’s easy to see why it’s justified.


In essence, no other tonneau cover can match the premium feel this one delivers. Believe me, I have tried several retractable covers, and this has easily become my favorite. I wouldn’t hesitate to choose it again and again if needed.

It’s not just about upgrading your truck; it’s about indulging in the finer aspects of life. This isn’t just an investment in your vehicle; it’s an investment in your own comfort and convenience. So, my friend, I strongly recommend giving it a shot. You won’t regret it.