Retrax PRO MX vs XR

Retrax PRO MX Cover
Retrax PRO MX Tonneau Cover

The Retrax PRO MX features robust heavy-duty aluminum and a sleek black powder finish, ensuring cargo protection with style.

Meanwhile, the Pro XR shines with its industrial-strength slats, offering both elegance and utility.

Its top-mount feature maximizes space, and the scratch-resistant matte finish keeps things smooth. Let’s find out which one’s the best fit for your truck.

Based on my personal experience with both covers, I’ve observed that the Retrax PRO MX and XR are remarkably similar in quality and functionality.

The key differentiator is the Trax Rail System on the Retrax PRO XR, which offers the added convenience of carrying additional luggage, setting it apart in terms of versatility and load capacity.

My take on both covers:

Good things about these covers:

  • Quality and Durability: Construction and smooth rolling action are top-notch, holding up well under various conditions.
  • Installation: Generally straightforward but easier with two people, particularly for aligning the cover.
  • Functionality: Excellent for keeping tools safe and dry, with the ability to securely lock the bed contents.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Enhance the truck’s look with a sleek design.
  • Customer Service: Positive interactions, especially regarding hardware issues or refunds.


  • Water Leakage: Minor issues around the tailgate area.
  • Design Flaws: The front flap design could be better to prevent water seepage.
  • Cargo Space: The canister unit takes up some front end cargo space.
  • Compatibility Issues: I had fitting issues when I got one or Silverado, which required some hardware replacements.

Let’s have a look at the table of specs.

SpecificationRetrax PRO MXRetrax PRO XR
Cover TypeRetractable Tonneau CoverRetractable Truckbed Cover
Unique FeatureNoneTrax Rails allow installation of different accessories for extra luggage
LatchingHandle Lock which can be locked at any pointHandle Lock which can be locked at any point
Rail MaterialAluminumAluminum
Seal MaterialEPDM RubberEPDM Rubber
Finish InstallationNo-Drill Clamp-OnNo-Drill Clamp-On
Weather ResistanceWater-Resistant seals and drain tubesWater-resistant seals and drain tubes
SecurityLockable with keyLockable with key
Weight CapacityEvenly Distributed 500 poundsEvenly Distributed 500lbs
Cover weight85 pounds approx90 pounds approx
Bed AccessFull Bed Access with CanisterFull Bed Access with Canister
Tailgate SealIntegrated Tailgate SealIntegrated Tailgate Seal
WarrantyLimited LifetimeLegendary Lifetime
Table of specs – Retrax PRO MX vs XR

Structure and Build

Retrax PRO XR truck bed cover
Retrax PRO XR Installed

Let’s break down the Retrax Pro MX tonneau cover’s design. Retrax PRO MX is made from heavy-duty aluminum. It features double-wall aluminum panels.

These panels provide extra strength to the cover. The cover has a durable matte finish which is engineered to resist scratches and retain its look over time. Plus, it gives the cover an excellent, understated appearance that complements any truck style.

Speaking of the canister, it is designed smartly with a compact shape. The cover has an ultra-low-profile design which improves aerodynamics when driving, potentially increasing fuel efficiency.

Overall, the design of the Retrax PRO MX is focused on durability and practicality. It operates smoothly on sealed ball bearings, which do not let the slats rub with each other and ensure hassle-free operation.

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Switching towards the Retrax PRO XR. The standout feature of the Retrax PRO XR is its Trax Rail System. This lets you customize your cover with T-slot accessories, supporting weights up to 500 lbs.

Similar to Retrax PRO MX it also glides on ball bearings. It is compatible with accessories from brands like Rhino Rack, Yakima, and Thule. This means more options for organizing and securing cargo.

Retrax PRO XR with accessories
Retrax PRO XR customized with Rhino and Kayak Rack

Speaking of canister, it has a slim canister which provides protection to the cover from different weather elements.

The cover itself is constructed from sturdy aluminum slats, which ensures durability. Like the MX, it also features a scratch-resistant finish, which helps it endure various weather conditions and maintain its look.

Also, both covers offer an Integrated Tailgate Seal, which means it can be locked and unlocked whether the tailgate is open or closed.

In short, the Retrax PRO MX and XR both offer sleek designs and top-notch materials, giving you options, durability, and protection for your truck.

Get to know the Retrax PRO XR better by diving into this thorough review, for a closer look at features and performance.


I’ve found that the process of installing both covers is pretty straightforward. I started with the guide provided and, honestly, it’s super user-friendly. Everything you need comes in the package, so there’s no last-minute run to the hardware store.

The no-drill clamp-on design saves tons of time and potential headaches. After a few steps and a bit of patience, both the Retrax PRO MX and XR sat perfectly on my truck bed. If I can do it, trust me, anyone can.

Retrax PRO MX & XR Installation Steps

Retrax PRO MX tonneau cover Installation
Retrax PRO MX Installation
  • Unpacking Start by unboxing and laying out all the components. Make sure you’ve got all the parts mentioned in the guide.
  • Position the Canister Place the canister at the cab-end of the truck bed. Ensure it’s aligned properly.
  • Slide in the Rails Attach the side rails to the canister. Make sure they slide in smoothly and align with the truck bed sides.
  • Clamp it Down Using the provided clamps, secure the rails to the truck bed sides.
  • Roll Out the Cover Gently pull the cover out of the canister, making sure it moves smoothly along the rails.
  • Final Adjustments Make any necessary tweaks to ensure the cover fits snugly and rolls smoothly. Check the seals, ensuring they sit tight against the truck bed.
  • Test the Lock Engage the locking mechanism, ensuring it works properly and securely locks the cover in place.
  • Do a Quick Review Finally, step back and inspect your work. Make sure everything looks aligned and secure.

That’s it. You’re good to go.

Performance in Different Weather Conditions

When comparing the performance of both covers Retrax PRO MX and XR, across various weather conditions, they’re pretty evenly matched. Given their similar design and construction, they tend to deliver comparable results.


With most tonneau covers out there, achieving 100% leakproof status can be a challenge. A lot depends on how you install it, how long you’ve had it, and the kind of weather it’s seen.

Retrax PRO MX truckbed cover
Retrax PRO MX in Rain

From my experience with both Retrax PRO MX and Retrax PRO XR, there wasn’t a big difference in how they handled water. Neither is 100% waterproof, but they sure do a good job keeping most of the water out.

Do all tonneau covers leak? Find out the answer in our detailed article here

If you want a cover that can handle rain pretty well, either of these should do the job. Just keep an eye on those seals and fit them right.

UV Rays

The matte finish of Retrax PRO MX and XR, provides some UV resistance, helping to maintain the color and integrity of the cover over time. UV exposure can be harsh, but the cover is designed to resist fading and damage from prolonged sun exposure.

Snow and Hail

Built with rugged aluminum slats, both covers can withstand the weight of snow and the impact of hail to some extent. It’s a good idea to clear off heavy snow to avoid putting too much pressure on it, but in general, it holds up well.

Dust and Sand

The sealed ball-bearing roller system helps, in keeping dust and sand out. Coupled with the rubber seals, it ensures the truck bed remains largely free from dust and sand infiltration.

The canister also enhances this protection, offering added defense against dust for both covers.


Retrax PRO MX‘s low-profile design helps minimize wind resistance, and when fully closed, it should remain stable and secure even in windy conditions.

Thanks to the sturdy construction of Retrax PRO XR and the Trax Rail System, the XR also holds its own against wind. When it’s all locked up, the cover stays put without flapping or lifting.


Key Lockable security lock- Retrax PRO MX
Retrax PRO MX Key Lock

Both Retrax PRO MX and Retrax PRO XR offer superior security for your truck bed. Its heavy-duty aluminum construction makes it incredibly resilient against forced entry attempts, ensuring your cargo remains secure.

These impenetrable aluminum slats will keep potential thieves away from your cargo.

Additionally, both the Retrax PRO MX and XR come with a key-lockable feature. This means you can easily lock the cover whenever necessary and take the key out, adding an extra layer of protection to your belongings.

A friendly Note – If you want to go away from your truck for hours, do not keep your precious stuff in the truck bed. It is always a good practice to check if the cover is properly installed and no one can take a peek into your truck bed. Make sure to take the key out before leaving.

Impact on Daily Life

Both covers are pretty much similar, so they offer almost similar pros and cons. Let’s have a look at them.


  • Robust Aluminum Slats
  • Good build quality [you get what you pay for]
  • Matte Finish compliments the truck style and resists scratches
  • Can be locked at any point along the rail
  • Ball bearing smooth operation
  • Best suited for older people
  • Key lockable feature
  • Single-hand Locking and Integrated Tailgate Seal
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Full bed Access
  • Low profile design reduces wind drag
  • Retrax PRO XR has a Trax Rail System


  • Aluminum build adds a bit of weight
  • More expensive than other covers in the market
  • The canister consumes some space (common with all retractable covers)
  • May require occasional maintenance
  • In XR, putting heavy weight on one side may tilt the cover
  • Retrax PRO MX doesn’t have a Trax Rail System

Cost Analysis

Retrax PRO MX is priced between $2,149 and $2,299, and then the PRO XR sits a bit higher, from $2,299 to $2,449. That’s like a $150 jump.

The big deal with the XR is that it has got this cool Trax Rail System. This means you can put on some neat T-slot accessories from top brands.

If you’re into customizing and organizing things, that extra $150 for the XR might be worth considering. But hey, both are solid choices, just depends on what you’re after!

Final Thought

Let me break it down really simple. The big thing that sets the PRO XR apart from the PRO MX, is theTrax Rail System. If you’re always tossing heavy stuff into your truck bed, then you might wanna drop the extra $150 on the XR.

But if that’s not your case, save some cash and go with the PRO MX. Apart from that rail thing, they’re pretty much twins in terms of build, features, and warranty.