TruXedo Sentry CT Review

TruXedo Sentry CT is a popular truck bed cover, known for its unique canvas top. It features heavy-duty black painted aluminum slats, offering an extra-low profile look. It gives a blacked-out look to your truck.

TruXedo Sentry CT Tonneau Cover
TruXedo Sentry CT Tonneau Cover

Its ease of use is enhanced by slam latches and an additional security latch, ensuring both convenience and security. Resistant to dirt and UV rays, it maintains its appearance over time.

The Sentry CT’s standout feature is its quick, tool-free installation and a 5-year warranty, making it a top choice in the market

Does the TruXedo Sentry CT truly deliver on its promises?

Let’s uncover the details and find out if this tonneau cover lives up to the hype!

Key Points

  • Slam latches at tailgate
  • Quick-release system (tool-free cover removal)
  • Additional security latch in the center of the cover on both sides
  • 5-year warranty
  • Self-leveling rails
  • Water leakage in heavy rain.
  • Bubbling on the canvas which come and go.
  • Rubber caps on slats are weak.


  1. 2015 – 2022 Ford F-150
  2. 2019 – 2022 Chevy/GMC Silverado/Sierra
  3. 2010 – 2021 Toyota Tundra
  4. 2015 – 2022 Chevy/GMC Colorado/Canyon
  5. 2019 – 2022 Dodge Ram 1500
  6. 2016 – 2022 Toyota Tacoma

Let’s jump into the specs.

Top LayerBlack Canvas Top
Latching SystemVelcro along with slam latches at the tailgate
Panel CoreAluminum Slats
Frame MaterialAluminum
Panel ExteriorCanvas Coating
Seal MaterialEPDM Rubber
InstallationNo-Drill Clamp-On
Weather ResistanceWater-Resistant
Weight CapacityUp to 400 lbs (Evenly Distributed)
Cover WeightApproximately 75 lbs
Bed AccessFull Bed Access
Tailgate SealDual Tailgate Seal Included
Warranty5 Years
TruXedo Sentry CT Specs


TruXedo Sentry CT roll
TruXedo Sentry CT rolled up

TruXedo Sentry CT combines a multi-layered woven fabric, delivering a robust cover that can withstand various weather conditions.

The “CT” in its name stands for Canvas Top, indicating its robust woven fabric construction. Its all-black style adds a touch of ruggedness to your truck. The color fades away right above the rails, but not too soon typically after at least three years.

One notable feature of the Sentry CT is the thickness of its slats. They’re chunkier than your average cover, measuring in at about 3/4 inches.

This extra thickness not only enhances its durability but also gives it a distinctive look. But don’t worry, despite the added thickness, it still maintains a sleek and low-profile appearance, thanks to its cleverly angled side rails set at 15 degrees.

When it comes to functionality, the TruXedo Sentry CT offers user-friendly operation. The Velcro closures on the sides ensure a secure and tight fit, keeping the cover in place during travel.

Rolling up the cover is easy because of its lightweight construction and easy-to-use mechanisms.

Plus, it’s not too heavy to handle, tipping the scales at around 75 lbs. And for an added layer of security, you’ll find an additional latch right in the middle, ensuring that your cargo remains protected.

I’d like to point out a design flaw, the plastic covers on the latches tend to come off when you pull the cord. It’s a bit frustrating because I have to fix them every time I open the tailgate.

I mean, I can still use the latches without these plastic covers, but since they came with the cover, it shouldn’t be causing this annoyance.

Now, let’s talk about sealing. The Sentry CT boasts a dual tailgate sealing system that keeps the elements at bay. While it does a decent job, there’s always room for improvement to achieve that next level of sealing perfection.

Furthermore, this cover neatly tucks away, forming a compact 11-inch diameter. And with the help of sturdy buckle straps, you can rest assured that it will stay securely in place, no matter what the road throws your way.

DIY Installation

TruXedo Sentry CT DIY
TruXedo Sentry CT Easy DIY Installation

Let’s walk through the installation process of the TruXedo Sentry CT tonneau cover. It is a simple DIY-friendly installation method.

  1. You’ll start by positioning the side rails onto your truck bed. They should be aligned with each bed rail and then clamped down. Make sure not to over-tighten the clamps.
  2. After the rails are securely fastened, you can roll out the cover from the cab towards the tailgate. Make sure it’s aligned evenly on both sides for the best fit and appearance.
  3. Once the cover is unrolled and in place, you can then close the tailgate and press down on the end of the cover to engage the automatic latching system. This ensures the cover stays put and securely guards your truck bed and the contents inside.
  4. The final step is to attach the provided straps. These come into play when you need to roll up the cover for full bed access.

The whole process is pretty straightforward and should take around 40 minutes to an hour, depending on your DIY skills.

The instruction manual included with the Sentry CT is really helpful and provides clear, step-by-step guidance. But, if you prefer to see it in action, there are plenty of online video tutorials you can refer to.

Usage and Weather Proofing

Sentry CT Railing
TruXedo Sentry CT Rails

Now, I must say upfront, no cover is completely waterproof.

During normal, the cover’s high-quality fabric and construction resist water penetration.

It performs excellently in heavy down pours with minimal water ingress.

I’ve had it for 3 years now, and I haven’t seen any significant water buildup inside the bed.

But why do tonneau cover leaks at first place? Click to find out

TruXedo Sentry CT tonneau cover is generally robust, but it’s not ideal for extreme conditions like hurricanes or underwater adventures.

I’ve noticed some minor bubbling on the cover, possibly due to rain or UV exposure, but it’s not a significant issue and sometimes resolves on its own. The aluminum slats have a protective matte black finish preventing rust.

However, the rubber covers on the sides can loosen and slide down when rolling the cover, creating gaps. This isn’t widespread but can lead to potential water leakage, so it’s important to check the seals regularly and ensure proper installation.

Overall, the Sentry CT does a pretty good job of keeping your truck bed dry. It’s not perfect. It’s got its quirks, but for the most part, it’s an effective option to protect your cargo.

A word on Security

TurXedo Sentry CT Installed

Sentry CT does have some neat security features. For starters, there’s a latch in the middle that locks the cover down, making it harder for someone to simply walk up and open it.

However, I have to be honest: the rest of the cover is held down with Velcro. While Velcro is great for convenience, it might not be the strongest option in terms of security.

That’s why the latch in the middle is a solid feature, and the addition of one at the tailgate further enhances security.

However, being a roll up cover, still it’s not as foolproof as a hard cover against someone determined to gain access.

At the end of the day, it’s all about what works best for you.

TruXedo Sentry CT does a good job of keeping the cargo secure, and it is further secured with slam latches in the middle and at the tailgate.

Is it Worth the money?

TruXedo Sentry CT Secured with clamps
TruXedo Sentry CT Clamp on installation

Sentry CT comes with the price range from $1,149 to $1,199.

It’s a built with high quality aluminum. But the rubber caps need some proper adhesion.

TruXedo offers 5-year warranty on Sentry CT. So, it’s not just a purchase, it’s an investment in the long-term health and look of your truck bed.

Overall, it balances price and quality, making it a reliable and stylish choice for your truck bed protection.


TruXedo Sentry CT is a solid investment with its 5-year warranty and durable canvas top. It may not be the cheapest option, but its quality and features justify the price.

The Velcro closures might not suit everyone, but the slam latches in the middle and tailgate provided added security.

So it is a good cover maintenance requirement is slightly higher because of its woven fabric but it is lighter in weight and offers good weight bearing capacity.

I have stated facts you can make your decision. Happy trucking!