Undercover Ultra Flex Review

UnderCover Ultra Flex Tonneau Cover exhibits a hard tri-fold design that ensures robust protection for truck cargo. What really makes it stand out is its quiet ride, because the panels have carpeted underside. This feature cuts down on that annoying road noise, making drives a lot more peaceful.

Undercover Ultra Flex Hard Tonneau Cover
Undercover Ultra Flex Hard Tonneau Cover

The panel are made of aircraft-grade aluminum with high-density foam core. It has an integrated LED light, which make it super handy for nighttime visibility.

The cover also offers full bed access, folding up neatly when you need to haul larger items. Plus, its robust build and effective weather resistance ensure your cargo stays dry and secure, no matter the weather.

But what more this cover brings to the table? Stick around you are about to find out.

Having extensively tested the UnderCover Ultra Flex Tonneau Cover on my fleet of trucks, including the 2020 Silverado LTZ, 2019 Ram, 2017 Chevy Colorado LT and 2022 Jeep Gladiator, I’m sharing my experience with both its strengths and areas for improvement.

  • The cover is generally easy to install across different truck models. It fits well and can be set up without requiring professional help.
  • The materials used are of high quality, ensuring the cover is robust and built to last. The weight of the cover, although on the heavier side, signifies its sturdiness.
  • It enhances the appearance of the trucks, giving them a sleek, professional look. It integrates well with the vehicle design, appearing almost like an OEM accessory.
  • It provides a secure bed when locked, and is quite effective in protecting the truck bed from elements. The water resistance is excellent, with minimal water infiltration during heavy rains and car washes.
  • The customer service was prompt and helpful, providing replacements for damaged parts quickly.
  • Some tweaking is necessary to ensure a perfect fit, especially around the tailgate, to prevent water leakage. The cover doesn’t fully seal in some trucks, allowing small leaks, particularly near the tailgate.
  • During summer, the surface of the cover gets very hot, making it difficult to handle.
  • The saddlebag accessory was challenging to install and manage.

Before moving further have quick glance at the specs.

Unique FeaturesLights on Rails for visibility at night,
Carpeted Finish on the underside of panels
LatchingSlam Latches, Dual-Action Tailgate Latch
Panel CoreHigh-Density Foam
Frame MaterialAircraft-Grade Aluminum
Panel ExteriorAluminum
Seal MaterialEPDM Rubber Seals
FinishJet black Matte with a Semi-Glossy Look
InstallationClamp-On, No Drilling Required
Weather ResistanceWater-Resistant, UV-Protected
SecurityLockable with Tailgate
Weight Capacity400 lbs
Cover WeightVaries by Truck Model
Bed AccessFull Bed Access (panels can be held using props)
Tailgate SealDual-Action Tailgate Seal
Price$1,199 – $1,249 (varies based on retailers)
Undercover Ultra Flex Hard Tonneau Cover Specifications


UnderCover Ultra Flex tonneau cover installed on truck
UnderCover Ultra Flex tonneau cover installed

Alright, let’s talk about the UnderCover Ultra Flex tonneau cover. You see, this is not your average cover. It’s got a dual aluminum construction, with a foam core filling, providing a nice mix of strength and insulation.

Plus, it’s coated with this cool jet-black powder that gives it a sleek, semi-glossy look. And trust me, it definitely brings up your truck’s game.

Moreover, the rails of the cover have this cool ‘L’ shape and they run along the sides of your truck bed. They do two important things.

First, they act as the mounting system for the cover, making sure it stays securely in place. Second, they also have this smart water drainage system built in.

So, any water that may find its way onto the cover can easily flow away through these rails. Pretty neat, right?

Plus, the cover has got EPDM seals and drain tubes to help keep the water out. You might need to drill a couple of holes in the truckbed for drain tubes.

One distinctive feature of the UnderCover Ultra Flex cover is that it’s got a built-in LED light. No more messing around with your phone’s flashlight in the dark. Isn’t that cool?

And check this out, the underside of the panels is carpeted! Not only does it look neat, but it also helps protect the cover from getting scratched up by your gear. It also absorbs all the dust to keep your stuff dirt-free.

Another benefit of this carpet is it can absorb most of the heat and will keep your cargo safe. And panels are not that hot to touch in summer because of this.

The prop rods on the Ultra Flex are sturdy and keep quiet while you’re driving. No annoying rattling noise.

Now, there is one thing to note, if you’ve got the cover fully opened, it can block the view of your third brake light. It’s not a deal-breaker, but something to be aware of.

Furthermore, it has got these slam latches and a dual-action tailgate latch. So you can open and close the tailgate whether the cover is up or down.

And also the same goes for UnderCover Armor Flex, click the link to read the review.

All in all, the UnderCover Ultra Flex is a solid piece of gear. It’s got a stylish look, and practical features, and is designed with care. So if you’re in the market for a reliable and good-looking tonneau cover, this one’s worth a look.

Leakage and Weather Resistance

UnderCover Ultra Flex full open with the help of props
UnderCover Ultra Flex open at 90 degrees

Speaking of protection, the panels of the Ultra Flex are pretty resilient. The UV-resistant powdered coating in a sleek matte black finish doesn’t just make it look super cool but also shields it against damage.

We’re talking about resistance against corrosion, dents, and even buckling. The top coat won’t let the rust get to its surface. However, be a bit cautious with scratches, as the panels might be slightly more prone to them.

And we can’t forget about the weather protection. Equipped with top-quality EPDM rubber seals and a drain tube system, the Ultra Flex is all set to keep your truck bed dry.

The rubber seals work to prevent leaks, and the drain tubes channel the water away efficiently. Remember, though, that the installation of the drain tubes involves drilling holes, and you need the rails set up to collect the water.

Mostly, people talk about water leakage of these hard truck bed covers. We gotta be honest here. Tell me how often does it rain? Your truck doesn’t have to stay in the rain 24/7. But let’s talk about it.

I won’t say it provides 100% leakage protection, but it does a pretty handsome job. I am saying this based on my experience. In normal rain, it didn’t leak. But if you take your truck for a car wash then there’s a chance you see some moisture in the truck bed.

You might be thinking, why do tonneau covers leak in the first place? Check our detailed post on it here https://toptonneaureview.com/do-all-tonneau-covers-leak/

Firstly, you should not keep any cargo in the bed before the car wash. If you have to, try keeping it in the middle, it will stay dry for sure.

Handling and Driving Comfort

Undercover Ultra Flex Pull Cord Latching
Undercover Ultra Flex Pull Cord Latch

The cover comes with slam latches, so when you’re closing it, just let it drop and it’ll lock into place – no pushing or pulling required.

Plus, the dual-action tailgate latch is a sweet touch. You can open and close the tailgate without messing with the cover. It’s all about convenience!

Speaking of driving comfort, UnderCover Ultra Flex is designed to reduce noise and vibrations, thanks to the foam core sandwiched between two aluminum panels and carpeted underside.

This means less of those annoying rattling noises when you’re on the road. Also, the low-profile design means less wind drag, which can make your ride smoother and might even save a bit on gas!

And if you’re worried about it being a pain to install, you can put those fears to rest. The cover comes fully assembled – all you have to do is secure it to your truck bed with clamps. No drilling, no hassle!

Lastly, it comes with built-in LED lights which are located on rails of both sides.

So, all in all, the UnderCover Ultra Flex makes your life easier. It’s designed to be user-friendly and it really delivers on that promise.

Price and Warranty

Speaking of warranty, the UnderCover Ultra Flex has a 5-year warranty. That’s right, five years!

It’s always comforting to know the company has got you covered, right?

I know the UnderCover Ultra Flex isn’t the cheapest tonneau cover on the block. Its price range, from $1,199.99 to $1,249.99, certainly puts it in the higher bracket. But, let me tell you, with the Ultra Flex, it’s a clear case of “you get what you pay for.”

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From its sleek design, top-quality materials, and neat extras like the LED light and carpeted underside, to the dependable weather resistance and ease of use, you’re investing in a top-of-the-line cover.

So, yes, it’s a chunk of change. But for what it offers, the Ultra Flex might just be worth every penny. If you’re after longevity, functionality, and a stylish look, then it could be the right fit for your truck bed protection needs.


You’re getting what you pay for, and in this case, that’s a whole lot. It’s got a ton of fantastic features, but just like anything else, it’s not without its downsides. Let’s not kid ourselves, it’s definitely a bit on the expensive side compared to some other tonneau covers out there.

The LED light and the carpeted underside? Pretty impressive attention to detail, if you ask me. Not to forget, those prop rods, keeping everything steady and noise-free. Just remember, the installation might require some drilling.

Now about that third brake light, yeah, it can get a bit obstructed when the cover’s that’s something they could improve. But with those handy slam latches and that separate tailgate latch, I’d say it’s a small price to pay

And to top it all off, UnderCover gives you a 5-year warranty. That’s five years of them saying, “We trust in our product, and we’ve got you covered.” So, what’s stopping you?