BAKFlip F1 Tonneau Cover Review

BAKFlip F1 Tri-fold tonneau cover

BAKFlip F1 is known for its outstanding dent and scratch resistance and durability. It’s built tough with a high-density foam core and a fiberglass-reinforced top. It is great keeping water out and protecting your stuff.

Plus, you can fold it back in parts, so getting to your truck bed is a breeze, whether you need to open just a bit or the whole thing. It’s a go-to choice for truck owners looking for something reliable that does the job well.

Having used the F1 Tonneau Cover across a range of my trucks, including the Chevy Colorado, Ford Ranger, Toyota Tundra, and more, I’ve gathered a comprehensive set of impressions:

What I like about this cover

  • Aesthetics and Design: The cover enhances the look of my trucks, making them sleek and more stylish. This was especially noticeable on my Colorado and Ford F-350.
  • Effective Water Resistance: It’s done a great job keeping the bed dry in different weather conditions, from rain and snow.
  • Installation: I’ve found the installation process to be straightforward on most of my trucks, often taking under an hour.
  • Build Quality: The cover feels sturdy and durable, holding up well over time, and the low profile design is a bonus.

Areas which need improvements

  • Water Leakage in some trucks: In certain conditions, like on my F-150, there’s been a bit of water seeping through, especially near the tailgate during a heavy storm.
  • Minor Quality Issues: There have been issues like a slightly off-drilled bracket or a crooked logo, which I had to fix myself.
  • Installation Inconsistencies: There were some minor challenges during installation on specific models, like aligning the drain tubes on a GMC or dealing with unclear instructions.

Let’s have quick glance at the specs it offers.

Cover TypeHard Folding Cover
LatchingPull Cord
Panel CoreHigh-Density Expanded Polystyrene
Frame materialAluminum
Panel ExteriorMilitary Grade Aluminum
Seal MaterialEPDM Rubber
FinishFiberglass Reinforced Polymer textured Black finish
InstallationClamp-On (no drill)
Weather ResistanceWater-resistant, Corrosion Resistant
Weight CapacityUp to 400 lbs (evenly distributed)
Cover Weight70 pounds (standard size)
Bed AccessComes with water-draining tubes
Comes with water-draining tubesComes with water draining tubes
Tailgate SealDual Action (Can be locked either the tailgate is open or closed)
Warranty5 years
BAKFlip F1 Specifications

Design and Material of BAKFlip F1

BAKFlip F1 Hard cover
BAKFlip F1 FRP top panel

Like other hard tonneau covers, BAKFlip F1 also features a tri-fold design. It is a universal design that simply allows you to fold it towards the cab, providing quick and convenient access, whenever you need it.

It can rest at an angle of 90 degrees on your truck’s cab. So, no need to uninstall it if you want to access the full bed. You can simply rest it on the cab and clamp it tightly.

Additionally, the latches of BAKFlip F1 are placed along the sides of the cover. You can easily operate them with just one hand. Yup, it’s that simple!

To open the cover you just need to pull the cord, and with a satisfying click, it locks back into position.

It has a dual-action tailgate seal, which means it can be locked whether the tailgate is open or closed so that is the convenience that makes it different from other hard tonneau covers in the market.

Further, it has a low profile design, it sits in the exact alignment of your truckbed and makes it aerodynamic. So there’s no wind turbulence when I go on highways. You may save a few bucks on fuel this way.

Speaking of material, the panels of this cover are made with a blend of materials, that ensure durability and functionality.

The exterior panels are crafted with Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP), which offers excellent resistance against dents, scratches, and UV damage.

On the inside, the panels are crafted from strong military-grade aluminum, providing exceptional support and durability.

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Moreover, the frame is constructed using high-quality aluminum, ensuring a secure and precise fit on your truck bed.

It’s designed to withstand the harshness of daily use and is coated with a powered black finish, complementing the panels and giving it a cohesive look. It is designed to handle up to 400 lbs of evenly distributed weight.

To further protect your cargo, it comes with high-quality EPDM rubber seals. These seals effectively shield your truck bed from dust and water, ensuring that your belongings remain clean and dry.

How to Install BAKFlip F1?

BAKFlip F1 Hard tonneau cover
BAKFlip F1 is not completely impervious to dents.

Let me break down, how to install the BAKFlip F1 tonneau cover. Trust me, it’s easier than a pie! You can do it alone.

Start by placing the cover on top of your truck bed. It should align perfectly with the edges.

Next, grab the clamps provided in the package. Simply attach them to the designated spots on the side rails.

Tighten those clamps from the inside of the truck bed. Make sure they’re snug and secure, but be careful not to overtighten them. You don’t want any broken screws!

Now open and close the cover a couple of times to make sure it operates smoothly. You will hear a click when it locks into place. Bingo! Here you have it installed.

If you still don’t get how to install. It comes with a manual, but the directions were not clearly provided. You can figure it out on your own, as I did, or you can take help from YouTube.

Is BAKFlip F1 waterproof?

BAKFlip F1 cover
BAKFlip F1 3 paneled cover for small truckbeds.

With the BAKFlip F1 tonneau cover, rain is no problem at all. Its smart design allows water to easily run off through the drain, keeping your truck bed and cargo completely dry.

Now, let’s be real here, nthis cover comes pretty close with a 97% resistivity rate.

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Sometimes, even if your cover and seals are in tip-top shape, and you are parking your truck in the open during a heavy storm or you are going for a car wash service. You may see some moisture inside your truck bed.

So, just to be safe, it’s best to find covered parking if you know nature is about to throw a tantrum.

Protection from Weather elements

BAKFlip F1 with its tough fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP) coating protects it from dents, scratches, and even those pesky UV rays.

So, the panels stay looking fresh and vibrant, just like the day you got them. And check this out, the frame is coated with a sleek powdered black finish, so it not only looks cool but also keeps corrosion at bay.

You may wanna check BAKFlip FiberMax it is entirely composed of Fiberglass reinforced polymer.

Let’s talk about those seals. They’re made of top-notch rubber that’s built to last. I’ve heard stories and experienced it myself, these seals don’t break easily.

But hey, before you hit the road on your next adventure, do give those seals a quick check. You never know, the scorching sun or some other mishap could affect their adhesive power.

All in all, the BAKFlip F1 is built to withstand whatever weather comes its way. From snow to hail to rain, this cover can handle it all. Your cargo will stay dry, clean, and secure throughout your journeys.

Ease of Use and Driving Comfort

F1 by BAK
BAKFlip F1 Textured finish

Firstly, let’s talk about how to open and close it because we will do that almost every day. Just give the pull cord a gentle tug, and each panel unlocks effortlessly. No complicated steps or fumbling around are required.

But wait, there’s more! The dual-action tailgate seal is an absolute game-changer. Whether your tailgate is open or closed, you can simply close the cover without any hassle.

No need to unlock the tailgate just to lock the cover. Talk about convenience!

And let me tell you this when you’re cruising down the highway, it won’t rattle or make any annoying sounds. You can clip it in the open position while driving, and when it’s locked, it remains perfectly silent.

Lastly, as I already mentioned BAKFlip F1 is a low-profile tonneau cover, it makes the truck aerodynamic and further improves your driving experience.

Is BAKFlip F1 secure?

Let’s talk about the security of the BAKFlip F1, my friend. As you know hardcovers are considered one of the safest and most secure covers out there. Do you know why?

Because these are made of tough materials that can’t be easily penetrated by any weapon that potential thieves use.

When it comes to unlocking the BAKFlip F1, you need to pull the cord from the inside after opening the tailgate. It’s a simple yet effective way to add an extra layer of safety.

Now, here’s a friendly piece of advice, if you’re planning to park your truck in a public parking lot for a long day, it’s better not to keep any precious cargo in the truck bed.

In fact, I would recommend not putting any valuable items in the bed at all. It’s always better to be cautious and keep your belongings secure.

Remember, nothing is totally theft-free, so it’s always wise to take precautions and protect your valuable cargo.


BAKFlip F1 tonneau cover may come with a slightly higher price tag, ranging between $1000 and $1299, but the value it provides justifies the cost.

BAKFlip F1 delivers the features and performance you expect. With its reliable functionality, durable construction, and extensive warranty, this tonneau cover proves its worth.

So, if you are someone who values the finer things in life, you should buy this cover, as it provides the features it has promised for.


BAKFlip F1 comes with not 2, not 3 in fact 5 years of warranty! Ah, isn’t that something? Giving you peace of mind for half a decade and ensuring the durability of your tonneau cover.

With this extensive warranty, you have the confidence that your money will not be wasted. BAK Industries stands behind the quality and craftsmanship of its product.

How to claim BAKFlip’s warranty?

To avail the warranty, simply complete the registration process and retain the proof of purchase. This warranty is exclusively for the original purchaser.

In the rare event that an issue arises, BAK will assess the situation and determine whether repair or replacement is the best course of action. While no labor or service allowance is provided, BAK stands behind its product’s integrity.

It’s important to note that the warranty may become void in cases of damage caused by accidents, misuse, neglect, improper installation or removal, modifications, natural disasters, or normal wear and tear.

Final Thoughts

In essence, the BAKFlip F1 tonneau cover is highly regarded among truck owners. It offers exceptional value, providing a combination of security, durability, and functionality.

The sturdy construction of the cover and its Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer coating provides resistance to corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance even in challenging weather conditions.

BAKFlip F1 tonneau cover is recognized for its ability to keep the truck bed dry and free from leakage. The combination of the water drainage system and durable seals has proven effective in preventing water buildup.

So, what are thing? If this cover has everything you want, then my dear go for it!