BAKFlip Fibermax Detailed Review

BAKFlip FiberMax is both budget-friendly and reliable tonneau cover. It’s built with a sturdy aluminum base and topped with a fiberglass-reinforced polymer, offering a solid balance of durability and scratch resistance.

Bakflip fibermax
BAKFlip FiberMax tonneau cover

It has a sleek glossy finish, but its 300 lbs weight capacity is perfect for lighter duties.

Plus, the weatherproofing is on point with those EPDM seals, keeping your truck bed dry. All in all, the FiberMax is a smart choice for quality and value.

Reflecting on, my use of the BakFlip FiberMax on my fleet of trucks, here are the key positives and drawbacks:

  • I found it quite straightforward to install, often completing the setup in about an hour. I did it alone, it was a smooth process.
  • The three-section design made handling and accessing the cover from both sides (driver and passenger) is easy, adding to its practicality.
  • It definitely enhanced the look of my trucks, lending a sleek and robust appearance.
  • The cover holds up well overall, withstanding regular usage. It proved to be durable without showing signs of wear.
  • It did a great job at keeping water out, withstanding various weather conditions effectively.
  • Unlike BAKflip MX4 its top is scratch-resistant. Also,It’s like the BAKFlip F1 with its FRP top, but it adds a nice glossy look.
  • The weather stripping can be prone to shifting. It’s mostly water-tight, but there can be minor leaks.
  • I noted sharp edges that needed filing down.

Let’s have a look at the specs.

LatchingPull Cord latch
Panel CoreAluminum
Frame MaterialAluminum
Panel ExteriorFiberglass Reinforced Polymer
Seal MaterialEPDM Rubber
FinishTextured Glossy
InstallationNo-Drill Clamp-On
Weather ResistanceUV-Resistant coating
SecuritySecure Locking Mechanism
Weight CapacityUp to 300 lbs (Evenly Distributed)
Cover WeightApproximately 55 lbs
Bed AccessFull Bed Access
Tailgate Sealflap tailgate seal
Warranty3-Year Limited Warranty
Table of Specs – BAKFlip FiberMax


Let’s have a look at the design of BAKFlip FiberMax. The cover’s design is pretty smart. It features a combination of materials – a fiberglass-reinforced polymer top panel and a powder-coated aluminum bottom.

This mix offers a balance between durability and weight. The use of fiberglass adds strength without adding excessive weight, making it easier to handle.

The textured finish on the fiberglass-reinforced polymer gives it a sleek appearance, and the powder-coated aluminum bottom adds to the overall sturdiness.

This combination also adds weather resistance and prevents corrosion. The black panels of BAKFlip Fibremax and frame look aesthetic and give a chic appearance to your truck bed.

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When it comes to opening and closing, the FiberMax employs a latch system on both sides. While this system is convenient, you will occasionally face issues with latch alignment. Mine broke after prolonged use.

In summary, the use of fiberglass-reinforced polymer serves to balance durability and weight, offering a decent protective layer. The mixed material design also presents its own set of challenges. The latch system is handy, but its durability can vary.

Is BAKFlip FiberMax durable in all weather conditions?

BAKFlip FiberMax cover is built tough, prepared for all kinds of mother nature’s surprises. For rainy days, the blend of reinforced fiberglass and treated aluminum does a great job of keeping most of the moisture at bay.

But remember, no tonneau cover is entirely waterproof – in a major downpour, a little seepage might be expected.

In snowy conditions? The FiberMax stands tall. Its robust construction means it’s set to handle the typical snowfall without any trouble. But if there’s a hefty snow dump, clearing off excess can help.

And hail? Those reinforced panels offer a layer of defense against minor hailstorms. However, if we’re talking golf ball-sized hail, it’s a different ball game, and some dents could occur.

As for dusty terrains, the design of the FiberMax plays its part in keeping most of the grit out. The panels overlap, and the sealing system is there to block out the majority of dust. Still, over long periods, a little dust might sneak in.

UV rays from the sun? The FiberMax’s finish is designed to reduce sun-related fading, but like everything, consistent sun exposure over many years might show some wear.

If you ever find yourself facing a sandstorm or extreme weather, the cover offers basic protection. But, in such cases, it’s always wiser to find a more protective spot for your truck.

In essence, the BAKFlip FiberMax is a robust cover geared to manage rain, snow, and light hail. It’s engineered to keep out the elements, but its performance could vary depending on the weather’s intensity.

Everyday Use

Operating the BAKFlip FiberMax is a smooth and straightforward process. Its user-friendly slam latches make locking and unlocking a simple task, while the folding mechanism allows you to easily flip it open.

The cover’s low-profile design doesn’t just enhance the truck’s aesthetics but also reduces wind drag, potentially improving your fuel efficiency and overall driving experience.

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When it comes to safeguarding your cargo, FiberMax excels. Its water-resistant properties, along with a sturdy frame and sealed panels, ensure your belongings remain dry and protected even in rainy or snowy conditions.

Knowing that your cargo is securely shielded under FiberMax’s robust cover can bring you peace of mind during your travels.

So, whether you’re hauling gear for work or embarking on a road trip, you can be less worried about the safety of your items and focus more on enjoying the journey.

BAKFlip Fibermax hard tonneau cover
BAKFlip FiberMax Hard Trifold truckbed cover

Does BAKFlip resist water leakage?

When it comes to the BAKFlip FiberMax, water resistance is a strong suit. Its fiberglass-reinforced polymer panels paired with a strategic sealing system work hard to keep your truck bed dry.

However, while it excels in holding back the rain and even the occasional snow, it’s essential to set expectations. The FiberMax is highly water-resistant, but not completely waterproof.

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This means during an intense downpour or when you’re giving your truck a deep wash, a touch of moisture might find its way in.

But for the typical rain showers and wet conditions? FiberMax has got you covered.

Is BAKFlip FiberMax foolproof?

The BAKFlip FiberMax boasts a locking tailgate, enhancing the security of your truck bed. It’s a solid feature that helps deter potential intruders.

But here’s the straight talk– no cover is entirely theft-proof. The FiberMax does its bit, but if someone’s determined, they might find a way around it.

Thinking of upping the security game? Pair the cover with additions like a tailgate handle lock or a bed-mounted toolbox. It’s about layering protection.

Lastly, a golden rule no matter the strength of your cover, it’s wise to avoid leaving valuables in your truck bed when unattended. Safety first, right?

Is BAKFlip FiberMax worth the money?

The BAKFlip FiberMax comes in at a price between $1,149.99 and $1,199.99, with a 3-year warranty thrown in. Plus, they’re throwing in a 30-day cash-back guarantee. Not bad, right?

Now, the cover brings some solid features like durability, weather resistance, and some good security elements. So, if these are what you’re specifically looking for, then that price might just make sense.

But here’s the deal always check out what else is out there. If you find similar features in a more budget-friendly package, then you’ve got options to weigh.


Alright, here’s a straight-up verdict. The BAKFlip FiberMax is a solid pick with standout features like durability, weather resistance, and added security.

With its price point and the warranties in play, it’s a great choice for those who value its unique offerings. This cover’s blend of sturdiness, functionality, and security makes it a clear choice for me. I’m definitely leaning toward making it my top pick.