Extang Encore Tonneau Cover Detailed Review

The Extang Encore tonneau cover stands out for its exceptional durability, offering top-notch protection for your truck bed. It allows for complete bed access while ensuring the rearview remains unobstructed.

It features dual-entry, opening from both the front near the cabin and the rear at the tailgate, and it can be quickly and effortlessly removed when needed.

Encore tonno Tonneau Cover by extang
Extang Encore Tonneau Cover

Let’s uncover more specs and features this cover has to offer.

Good Things

  • Access from both the front and rear of your truck bed.
  • Key-lock at the cabin side and automatic slam latch at the tailgate
  • Quick Release System to fully remove the cover

Bad Things

  • Water tends to pool on the panels due to the frame being slightly raised, and occasionally, some water leaks through the hinges.
  • May get scratched.

Let’s have a look at the specifications.

MaterialAutomotive thermoplastic exterior with polypropylene core
FinishUV-resistant, textured finish
Locking SystemFront and rear locking system, with added cab-side lock for front panel access
Weather ResistanceEnhanced weather-tight seals, integrated channels for water runoff
Profilesits 1/2 inch above the truck bed
InstallationClamp-on design, no drilling required
FrameBlack Powdered Coated Aluminum Frame with corner rubbers
Removal SystemQuick-release hinges for rapid full-bed access
Weight Capacity600 lbs approx.
Warranty3- years
Additional FeaturesRear latches can be accessed from both sides of the truck, self-latching design for added security
Price Range$956 – $1,045
Extang Encore – Table of specs

Structure and Material

Extang Encore tonno truck bed cover
Extang Encore tonneau cover Installed on Sierra

The Extang Encore tonneau cover has a cool tri-fold setup. And it lets you access your truck bed, from the front and the back of your truck, making it super easy to grab stuff quickly. It’s a game-changer!

Extang Encore has three hard panels, and each one has hinges, enabling them to fold over one another. This is great because you can adjust it to fit big or small items, for loading and unloading items.

And here’s the best part, dual locking system. Most tonneau covers merely offer rear bed access, but the Encore steps it up by providing locking points at both the front (near the cab) and the back (tailgate).

Furthermore, it sticks 1/2 inch above the truck bed. It’s super smooth and looks just like part of the truck. This isn’t just for looks, it helps with wind flow. And guess what? Less wind resistance might save you some gas money.

Materials Used in the Extang Encore Tonneau Cover

The Extang Encore Tonno has panels built from propylene, which means they’re really tough. These panels act like a shield, protecting your truck bed from any hits and making sure no one can sneak into it.

On the outside, these panels get some extra love with an EnduraShield coating. This does two cool things: it defends against the sun and bad weather, and it gives your truck a smooth, stylish look.

Now, no one likes a wet truck bed, right? That’s why the Encore has EPDM seals. These bad boys make sure not a drop of water gets in. Whether it’s raining cats and dogs or snowing, your truck bed stays protected.

Let’s chat about the frame. It’s crafted from strong aluminum. This means it’s not only tough but also light. It holds the cover in place, making sure everything stays where it should.

And the best part? It blends seamlessly with your truck bed. It’s built to handle pretty much everything – from wild weather shifts to the heaviest stuff you want to haul.

Hands down, it’s the best hardcover I’ve come across, and it’s no wonder I rank it at the top of my list for best hard tri-folding tonneau covers. Click to see the list.

To wrap it up, the Extang Encore Tonno tonneau cover is the perfect combo of smart design and top-notch materials.


Let’s have a look at how Extang Encore performs in various weather conditions. It features a water drainage system and draining tubes that do a fantastic job of keeping the water out.

Now, let’s be honest – no cover is ever fully waterproof and none of those manufacturers have ever used the term waterproof for tonneau covers, they always used the word “water-resistant”. So throw this thought away that you will never see moisture inside your truck.

There can be plenty of reasons, why water gets inside your truck bed. Is it the type of cover you are using? Or do all tonneau covers leak? Read our detailed article to know the truth. Click here https://toptonneaureview.com/do-all-tonneau-covers-leak/.

Here’s another cool thing, it’s coated with EnduraShield. This isn’t just a fancy name, it actually guards against dents, scratches, and UV rays. It keeps the panel surfaces safe and ensures the color doesn’t fade. So, it’s like the cover is always in its Sunday best, retaining that fresh look.

And the frame has got this sleek powdered black finish. Not only does it look good, but it also shields against corrosion. How? It acts like a protective barrier, preventing the frame from getting cozy with water or other pesky environmental elements.

The seals deserve a special mention too. They’re made of top-notch rubber. Everyone I’ve spoken to, and from my own experience, these seals are like the unsung heroes, always holding up.

However, a little pro tip? Before you set off on a road trip and there’s a hint of rain in the forecast, give those seals a quick check. The blazing sun can sometimes mess with them, weakening their stickiness. You definitely don’t want any sneaky moisture creeping into your truck bed.

Speaking of moisture, even if your cover is snug and the seals are on point, heavy storms can be tricky. If you find yourself in the middle of a downpour, try not to park out in the open. It’s just a safety net to ensure everything stays dry.

All in all, the Extang Encore’s material is built to last. Come rain, snow, or hail, it stands tall, ensuring your cargo stays dry, clean, and unharmed.

Is Extang Encore secure?

When it comes to security, the Extang Encore takes things pretty seriously. Realistically, no cover is ever 100% theft-proof, but the Encore does an outstanding job at making things challenging for prying eyes.

Extang Encore replacable Cylinder lock
Extang Encore Cylinder key-lock

First off, it’s designed in a way that ensures a secure fit, sealing everything up tight. This means nobody can casually sneak a peek into your truck bed.

This cover features a dual locking mechanism because it has two openings. The cabin side can be locked with the help of keys and the rear end is locked with the tailgate.

And here’s the kicker, it can’t be unlocked without opening the tailgate first. This feature adds an extra layer of protection. So, if your tailgate is locked, you’ve already deterred about 98% of potential thieves.

Furthermore, the material of Extang Encore is pretty tough, so trying to penetrate it with typical weapons like knives would be quite a task. I’ve not come across anyone complaining about security breaches with this cover.

However, always remember, while the Extang Encore does a stellar job at security, it’s always wise to take some personal precautions, like parking in well-lit areas and ensuring the cabin side key lock and tailgate lock are engaged.

Ease of Use – Extang Encore

Ever felt anxious about leaving stuff in your truck bed? With the Extang Encore, that worry shrinks big time. It’s got this secure fit, keeping prying eyes and hands out. So, when you’re out and about, you cannot be worried about your cargo.

Another great thing about the Encore is its design. Have you noticed how some trucks seem to fight the wind when they drive? With this cover, your truck moves more fluidly through the air.

It’s designed to be aerodynamic, which not only improves your driving experience by reducing wind noise but might also help you save a bit on fuel.

Speaking of driving, Extang Encore gives a boost to your experience behind the wheel. Think less wind noise, less drag, and just an overall better feel on the road.

Okay, let’s talk practicality. Now, using the Encore is as easy as it gets. Need to get something from the bed? Just unlock and flip it open from whichever side you like. You don’t have to go to the rear end unlock the tailgate and get into the truck bed to have your hands on the cargo.

If you’re hauling something tall, you can fold the cover partially. And if you need the entire bed space? Fold its front and back panel and pick it up from the center.

Extang Encore Tonneau Cover front and back panel folded towards the center
Extang Encore’s front and back panel folded

It is so easy to remove this cover because it has got this quick-release system. Once you’re done, it’s just as simple to lock it back in place. Cool though.

Locking and unlocking? Easy-peasy. Flip it open when you need to grab something or load up. You can fold it partially if you’ve got something tall in the back or fully open if you’re loading big stuff. And when you’re done? Just flip it back down.

What about taking care of the cover? It’s straightforward. Give it a clean once in a while, and it stays looking fresh. The cover’s durability means you won’t be spending time on constant repairs or adjustments.

To wrap it up, the Extang Encore is a tool that makes your life easier, whether you’re commuting, working, or just out for a drive. With the security and functionality it offers, you can focus on the more important things in life.

Is Extang Encore worth the money?

Let’s talk about money now. Well, you’ll be amazed to know that this cover comes in a very economical price range of $956 – $1,045. Given the top-notch quality and features it brings to the table, you’re getting solid value for every dollar spent.

Plus, with a 3-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee, you’ve got a whole month to decide if it’s the right fit for you. How cool is that?

Take Home Notes

In a nutshell, the Extang Encore Tonneau cover is a top-tier choice for truck owners. It’s smartly designed, offering great security and easy access to your truck bed.

Plus, the price is reasonable for the quality and features it packs. With a reliable 3-year warranty and a 30-day trial period, it’s clear the brand stands behind its product.

Extang Encore is a solid pick if you want durability, security, and practicality for your truck. You won’t regret keeping it. I loved everything about it and have no issues so far.

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