Extang Xceed Detailed Review

The Extang Xceed stands out for its unique look. It’s a hard trifold that looks just like a smooth, one-piece cover. It’s got that sleek look that truck owners love, and it keeps looking great over time.

Extang Xceed tonneau cover by Truck Hero
Xceed by Extang

Extang is known for this kind of cool stuff – they always come up with unique and tough covers that really last. I’ve been using Extang covers for a couple of years now, and they’re definitely my go-to brand.

Good Points

  • Seamless Tri-fold Design
  • Jet black appearance
  • Rotary Latch at Tailgate

Bad Points

  • Vinyl layer on starts coming off after a year
  • Dust collects in the spots where the cover starts to peel off.
  • Water Leakage

Have a look at its specs real quick.

SpecificationExtang Xceed
MaterialAluminum panels with a vinyl top
DesignUltra-Low-profile one-piece look
AppearanceSeamless, low-profile, streamlined jet black look
FinishMatte black, scratch-resistant
InstallationNo-drill, clamp-on installation
Locking MechanismSecure rotary latch system
Bed AccessFull bed access with support rods
Open Position SecuringStorage straps for driving with the cover fully open
Weather ProtectionAdvanced sealing system for weather resistance
CompatibilityCustom fit for a wide range of trucks
Warranty5-years limited warranty
Load CapacityCustom-fit for a wide range of trucks
Weight67 lbs for 5’10”
Panel ConstructionSturdy aluminum frame panels
Top MaterialIndustrial-grade vinyl
SecurityEnhanced cargo protection against theft and elements
Maintenance500 lbs
Additional FeaturesIntegrated corner caps and hinge seals
Extang Xceed -Table of Specs

Structure and Composition

Alright, let’s break down the Extang Xceed tonneau cover and talk about its design and materials. First off, this thing is a hard tri-fold, which means it gives the flexibility of folding it back in sections. It’s handy for when you’re hauling stuff that doesn’t play nice with a fully-covered bed.

Extang Xceed 6'10"
Extang Xceed Installed on Silverado

The frame? It’s made of aluminum, which is tough but doesn’t add a ton of weight to the truck. That’s a big plus when you’re watching the fuel gauge.

On top of those aluminum panels, it has a layer of vinyl. This layer is also coveing the frame giving it a seamless appearance. I really like it, because it gives a one-piece look while having three sturdy segments for ease of use.

Also, vinyl stays unbothered by UV rays coming from the sun and it is corrosion-resistant so it will maintain its look for a long time.

Now, the finish on this is usually a matte black. Not only does it give the truck a sharp look, but it’s also not too flashy, which I personally like, no glares at all. And the matte helps hide the scratches and dings.

For the seals, they used EPDM rubber. They do an awesome job at keeping the elements out.

Speaking of the latching system. It offers rotary latches that keep everything tight. Now, these aren’t the regular latches, they’re meant to be easy to handle but stay put when you’re cruising down the freeway.

When you want full open-bed access for something big and bulky, the cover’s got prop rods to lock it in place upright. Also, they have provided additional securing belts (which I’ve never seen in any other hardcover), to ensure the panels are secure fit at 90° position.

It’s not going anywhere. And when you only need a bit of space, just fold it once or twice and secure it with belts.

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To sum up, it has aluminum panels and vinyl for a cover, with a locking system that’s easy to use. It’s seamless and does a great job of keeping your stuff out of sight and out of the weather.

Weather Performance

Let’s have a look at Extang Xceed’s weather performance. It features an integrated drainage system similar to Extang Encore, which actively channels water out through the drain tubes, minimizing the risk of it getting into the truck bed.

While no system is completely waterproof, this one comes impressively close, a standout feature for a tonneau cover. I’m not saying you may never see water in your truck bed.

A friend of mine had this issue, that vinyl coating came off from the sides and in heavy rain, the water started seeping into the truck bed like there was no tomorrow. This leakage issue is rare. And I never saw any leakage in my truck bed.

Also, I think the vinyl also plays its role, in keeping the water out. The panels and frame stay dry under the vinyl.

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The Extang Xceed tonneau cover steps up to the challenge of UV protection, with its vinyl-topped aluminum panels. The cover does not fade or wear under the sun.

I did run into a hiccup with the Xceed cover, specifically with the adhesive under the vinyl near the tailgate on the left rail. It seemed to have lost its grip, which could’ve been due to the cover shrinking or the adhesive catching some dust, making it less sticky.

Extang Xceed Vinyl topping coming off
Vinyl Topping Coming

But when I reached out for support, their customer service was on point. They honored the warranty without any fuss and promptly sent me a replacement cover.

When winter hits with its snow and sleet, the cover’s robust construction and ability to bear weight come into play. It can bear the weight of accumulated snow. Clearing snow off quickly, though, is a smart move to maintain its condition.

In sandy and dusty areas, the Extang Xceed’s seals do a handsome job. They form a tight seal, keeping even the finest particles out and ensuring your truck bed stays clean.

These EPDM rubber seals are durable and high-quality, yet they’re not immune to the natural aging process. With regular checks and upkeep, you can prolong their effectiveness.

Let’s face it, really bad weather, like big storms or hail, can be tough on any tonneau cover. When things get that wild, it’s smart to get your truck under some kind of shelter to avoid damage.

Overall, the Extang Xceed is built with materials chosen for toughness and designed to shield your cargo from a wide range of weather conditions, securing your load and keeping it in top shape.

Ease of Use

Let’s talk about the impact of Extang Xceed in daily life. The cover’s got this neat design where it folds back in three sections, which means you can open up just a part of the bed or the whole when you need to load up big stuff.

Extang Xceed fully open
Extang Xceed held with prop rods

The real kicker here is the latching system. It’s situated at the tailgate end, and to flip open the cover, you just need to drop the tailgate, rotate the latch, and voilà, you’re in.

The low profile and seamless look aren’t just for show, they actually enhance the aerodynamics of your vehicle. By smoothing out the airflow over the bed of the truck, the Xceed reduces drag.

This means you could see an improvement in your fuel efficiency because your truck doesn’t have to work as hard to cut through the air. Also, it can carry 500 lbs of equally distributed weight, so you have this extra space that you can use.

Now, if you’re only looking to crack it open partway, the cover has support rods that hold it steady, so you don’t need to worry about it flopping down on you while you’re driving.

When you want full access, just fold it back to the cab and secure it with the integrated straps. This way, it stays put even if you’re cruising down the freeway. Also, no flapping or buffeting sounds when you’re hitting the highway it keeps everything tight.

Maintaining the Extang Xceed tonneau cover is pretty straightforward, especially when it comes to the vinyl top. For regular cleaning, you can simply use mild soap and water. Grab a soft cloth or a sponge, and you’re good to go.

If you’re dealing with a bit more dirt, there are specialized tonneau cover cleaners available, that can give you a bit more cleaning power without being too harsh. For the best care of the vinyl top, avoid using rough cleaners or strong soaps that can wear it out over time.

In a nutshell, the Extang Xceed tonneau cover offers easy access with a secure latching system, improves vehicle aerodynamics for better fuel efficiency, and is straightforward to maintain with mild soap and water.

Is Extang Xceed Secure?

When it comes to the security of the Extang Xceed, the cover tightly seals against the truck bed. Its design is solid enough to keep out prying eyes and casual opportunists.

The real deal is how it locks. The Extang Xceed uses a rotary latch system. After unlocking the tailgate, the cover can be unlocked by rotating the oval piece given under the panel to open the cover. The cool part is, that no one can mess with the cover’s clamps until you open the tailgate.

So, if you’re keeping your tailgate locked, you’re adding a strong layer of security. This setup is going to deter the majority of thieves.

Now, you might wonder if someone with a sharp object, like a knife, could slice their way in. While the cover is sturdy, it’s more about keeping things secure and less about being slash-proof.

If someone really wanted to get in, and they came prepared, they could potentially get through. But this isn’t an everyday occurrence, most thieves are looking for an easy grab, and the Extang Xceed doesn’t offer that.

As for peeping issues, once the Extang Xceed is locked down, it stays flush with the bed, so there’s no little gap for someone to sneak a peek.

For keeping your truck bed secure, lock that tailgate, and maybe give the cover a quick check now and then to make sure everything’s holding tight.

It all comes down to you, right? So, stay cautious, check that the cover is properly installed, and the truck should be in a pretty good spot security-wise with the Extang Xceed.

To sum up, Extang Xceed is a secure tonneau cover that effectively deters theft with its tight seal and clamp system, which is only accessible through the locked tailgate.

Cost and Warranty

Alright, looking at the Extang Xceed’s price tag of $1,149. Here’s the deal, you’re not just buying a tonneau cover, you’re investing in your truck’s longevity and the safety of whatever you’re hauling.

The 5-year warranty is a solid nod from Extang that they stand behind their gear. And if you’re not totally sold on it within a month, there’s that 30-day money-back guarantee, which is pretty sweet.

Also, their customer service is great. If something goes sideways, you’re just a call away from someone who’s actually going to help you out.

Wrap Up

In essence, the Extang Xceed tonneau cover is a good option for truck owners. It’s built tough to protect against theft with a clamping system that’s only accessible when the tailgate is open.

It’s made with high-quality materials, so it stands up to various climates without a problem. The cover looks neat with its vinyl top in matte black. It’s designed to make your truck look good while it keeps your stuff safe.

Look-wise it is different from a basic hard tri-folding cover, but yeah the vinyl might roll off from the edges and also, water leakage can be an issue in some cases. There’s a five-year warranty and if you need help, their customer service is there to assist.