Gator FX Detailed Review

The Gator FX Tonneau Cover stands out for its quality, durability, and functionality. Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, it offers a tough protective coating and efficient water management system, along with a robust clamping mechanism for cargo security.

Gator FX Truckbed cover
Gator FX Hard Tonneau Cover

Featuring good EPDM seals, low-profile design and an automatic security lock, the cover combines aesthetics with practicality. .

What else this cover offer? You are about to find out.

Here’s the detailed summary, reflecting my personal experience with the Gator FX Tonneau Cover on various trucks in my fleet, including models like the Chevy Silverado, Ford F150, and GMC Sierra:

  • Easy Installation: The cover generally installs within an hour. I personally handled most of these installations, which I found to be quite convenient.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: It significantly enhances the trucks’ appearance with a sleek, flush look, adding to their overall aesthetics.
  • Sturdy Build: Made from durable materials, the cover withstood general use and weather conditions quite well in my experience.
  • Good Bed Accessibility: It allows for easy full access to the truck bed, providing functional convenience which I found very useful.
  • Security Feature: It effectively keeps the cargo secure, a feature that’s particularly useful during travels.
  • Compatibility: The cover fit well with various truck models in my fleet, showing good versatility.
  • Water Resistance: While effective against light rain, I noticed it struggles a bit in heavy downpours with some water leakage.
  • Sealing Issues: Achieving a perfect seal, especially at the tailgate, can be a challenge, leading to minor water ingress.
  • Customer Service: I experienced some delays and challenges with customer service, particularly when requesting replacement parts.
  • Adjustment Required: I had to make additional adjustments for a perfect fit in silverado.

Have a look at the specs.

MaterialAircraft Grade Aluminum Panels
DesignLow Profile design
FinishScratch and UV Resistant Semi-Gloss Black Powder Coat
Warranty2 Years
Weight Capacity300 lbs. (Evenly Distributed)
Bed AccessFull Bed Access
Prop RodsAvailable to hold the panels when they are completely open
Buckle StrapsSecurely Holds Cover Partially Open for Driving
Seals and HingesEPDM Seals and Hinges Ensure Effective Water Resistance
InstallationNo-Drill Installation on Most Vehicles
Slam LatchesAutomatic Locking Mechanism upon Closure
Specifications of Gator FX

Design and Built Quality

Design Gator FX
Gator FX Hard Cover powder finish

Let’s have a look at the Gator FX tonneau cover’s design. Its semi-gloss black finish doesn’t just look cool – it’s tough enough to handle UV rays and scratches without a hitch. A style that can take a hit.

Talking material, the panels are aircraft-grade aluminum – you know, strong stuff. And the frame? Yeah, also aluminum, just painted black to keep rust at bay.

The semi-gloss textured coating? It’s like armor against rust and all sorts of weather tantrums.

Guess what? You get full access to your truck bed. Flip it open while driving using those prop rods, and when you’re out and about, the buckle straps help to keep it partially open.

Now, when it’s rainy, no worries. Thanks to the EPDM seals and hinges, water doesn’t stand a chance. Even in a downpour, your gear stays dry.

Gator FX Clamp on installation

And the installation is easy. No drilling is required. And those slam latches? They’re like the cover’s bodyguards – locking up tight when you shut it.

So there you have it – the Gator FX is sleek, strong, and practical. If you’re after a tonneau cover that’s got the looks and the muscle, this could be your match.

Still not sure if you want it or not? I have made a list of the best tri-fold hard tonneau covers. You should consider looking at it first, before making a decision.

Is Gator FX waterproof?

Let’s keep it real. The Gator FX cover does have a water drainage system with drain tubes. This feature is designed to help prevent water from pooling up on your truck bed, which is definitely a practical aspect to consider.

Now, talking about water resistance, it’s important to remember that no cover is absolutely waterproof. The Gator FX, like most covers, offers solid water resistance. It combines its drainage system and well-made seals to prevent water from seeping into your truck bed. This can be pretty handy on rainy days or in wet conditions.

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People who’ve used the Gator FX for a while have mentioned that they haven’t experienced any significant leaks. So, there seems to be a good level of water protection overall.

The rubber seals used on the cover are of decent quality, adding to the overall water resistance. However, as with any component, it’s a good practice to check them periodically, especially before facing heavy rain or other adverse weather conditions.

It’s worth noting that extreme weather, like a severe storm, can sometimes overpower even the best covers. In such cases, it’s advisable to park your truck in a sheltered area to avoid any potential water leakage.

Gator FX pull cord latching
Pull Cord Latching – Gator FX

Is Gator FX foolproof?

The Gator FX comes with a locking mechanism that’s a bit like an extra pair of eyes on your truck bed. Those slam latches kick in when you close the cover, giving you some peace of mind. It’s not fancy, but it’s effective in telling potential snoops to back off.

But, let’s keep it real – no cover is a superhero. While the Gator FX helps, it’s not a magic shield. So, even with the cover, don’t flaunt your valuables. Stash them out of sight, smart move!

Summing it up, the Gator FX’s locking deal is a simple guard for your gear when you’re parked. But remember, common sense is king. Being mindful goes a long way in safeguarding your stuff.

Ease of use

Using the Gator FX is incredibly smooth. Its easy latch system makes accessing your truck bed a breeze. A simple touch, and there you go – an open bed ready for your stuff.

gator fx props
Gator FX Fully open with props

In the looks department, the Gator FX rocks a sleek matte finish. It not only enhances your truck’s appearance but is also super tough, shrugging off scratches and marks.

When you’re on the road, the low-profile design isn’t just for show. It actually cuts down on wind resistance, giving your MPG a little boost.

Security is a strong suit of the Gator FX. Whether you’re driving around town or going off-road, this cover stays put. No flapping or surprises – it’s secure.

Need to access just part of your truck bed while you’re on the move? No problem. The Gator FX lets you keep it partially open for those bigger loads.

And if you ever want to take it off, your truck bed will stay as good as new – no scratches or marks.

In a nutshell, the Gator FX blends ease, looks, and toughness. It’s not just a cover – it makes your whole truck experience better.

Is Gator FX worth the money?

For a price range of $999.00 to $1,039.00, the Gator FX offers a good deal. It comes packed with features like a durable protective coating, efficient water management, and a low-profile design that not only adds to the truck’s look but also its functionality.

That said, a 2-year warranty does feel a bit on the shorter side, especially considering the price point. Many competitors in this price range offer longer warranties.

For a budget pick, you may wanna check out Gator EFX. It is the most budget-friendly option out there. Click to check out more about it.

However, the 30-day return policy does provide some reassurance, giving you a window to test it out and ensure it meets your needs.

In conclusion, if the features align with what you’re looking for, and you value the design and build quality of the Gator FX, it might be a worthy investment.

However, it would be wise to weigh it against other options, especially when considering the warranty period.


In summary, the Gator FX tonneau cover boasts satisfactory water resistance and security features based on user reports. While not fully waterproof, it adeptly handles light rain.

Regarding security, the locking mechanism functions effectively when parked, though no cover can be entirely foolproof. Its sleek, low-profile design not only adds style but also contributes to improved aerodynamics, potentially enhancing fuel efficiency.

With a price range of $999.00 to $1,039.00, the Gator FX presents a practical option, although its 2-year warranty might be a concern for some users.

To make an informed decision, consider the cover’s advantages in comparison to your requirements and preferences, especially in relation to warranty duration.

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