Roll-N-Lock A-Series – Detailed Review

Roll-N-Lock A-Series tonneau cover is a seamless, full-aluminum retractable cover, that’s both stylish and super secure. Its hinge system gives your truck bed top-notch protection against rain, snow, and thieves, while still looking pretty seamless.

Roll N Lock Full metal A series
Roll-N-Lock A-Series Tonneau Cover

Its compact designed canister only takes up a tiny bit of bed space. Opening and closing is hassle-free with the twist latch and pull strap. And can stop at three different points along the bed.

Curious about what else is on the table? Let’s check it out!

Reflecting on my personal experiences, I’ve navigated through the highs and lows of using the Roll-N-Lock A-Series, appreciating its strengths and acknowledging its limitations across my truck fleet.

  • High Quality and Aesthetic Appeal: The cover consistently impresses with its excellent quality and sleek, professional appearance.
  • Good Fit and Functionality: Fits perfectly with smooth operation and effective bed protection.
  • Responsive Customer Service: Issues like dents or damaged parts are quickly addressed with efficient customer support and replacements.
  • Ease of Use: Once installed, the cover operates smoothly, providing secure and reliable bed coverage.
  • Maintenance in Dusty Environments: Requires regular cleaning to prevent ball bearing clogging, particularly in dusty areas.
  • Warranty Limitations: Warranty coverage is limited as compared to other covers in this range.
  • Replacement Parts Availability: Difficulty in obtaining replacement parts can be a significant inconvenience.

Have a look at its specs.

DesignLow-Profile, All-Aluminum
Retraction MechanismRatchet-Style Torsion spring drive
Panel CoreAluminum
Rail MaterialAluminum
Panel ExteriorBlack powder coated Aluminum
Seal MaterialRubber
FinishMatte Black Powder Coating
Weather ResistanceWater-Resistant with Hidden Seals
UV and Scratch Resistant coating
SecurityLocking Mechanism
Built-in Tailgate Lock
Key Slot Cover
Weight Capacity125 lb
Opening & ClosingTurning knob & pull strap
AccessoriesMaxTrak Slotted Rails (available in Roll N Lock A-series XT)
Cover Weight118 pounds (for 5’7″ truck bed)
Bed AccessFull Bed Access, 3 Locking Positions
Tailgate SealIntegrated with Built-in Tailgate Lock
Warranty3-Year Limited Warranty
Table of Specs – Roll N Rock A-Series

Structure and Material

So, this cover has got a retractable design, which is pretty handy. The main material here is aluminum, known for being tough yet lightweight. This choice makes sense because you want something sturdy over your truck bed, but not something that adds a ton of weight.

Its slats are composed of dual-layer of aluminum, combining advanced engineering with high-quality materials. This construction provides remarkable strength and resilience, ensuring enduring protection and a sleek, modern appearance for your truck bed.

Its all-aluminum built justifies its higher price point.

For a cost-effective option with similar features, consider the Roll-N-Lock M-Series, which offers a robust vinyl alternative.

Roll n lock a series tonneau cover
Roll-N-Lock A-Series installed on GMC

The rails and cover are made of this aluminum, and they’ve got a matte black powder coating. This finish isn’t just about looks – it makes the cover more resistant to scratches and UV damage.

The latching system is kind of neat. It’s this patented ratchet-style mechanism that lets you lock the cover in different positions. You can open it fully for complete bed access or just partially, depending on what you’re hauling.

But it’s manual, featuring a lever lock mechanism. So, you’ve to rotate the knob at 7 o’clock position to slide it open, and with a pull strap, you can close the cover. Some might find this a bit of a hassle, especially if they’re looking for something quick and automated.

Now, the locking and unlocking part is secure, with a built-in tailgate lock and a special key slot on the cover.

The aluminum canister is ultra compact, taking up only a small part of the bed. This design is a plus because it doesn’t eat into your storage space too much. I haven’t seen any smaller than this one.

Can’t decide on the right cover? My list of top retractable truck bed covers might just have the perfect option for you.

As for the seals and stripping, are made of good quality rubber, and along with drain tubes, they do a decent job of keeping water out.

In terms of looks, it’s lush and sleek. The low-profile design gives it a premium feel, and the matte finish adds to that upscale vibe. But, remember, the more you use it roughly, the more it might show signs of wear, which can take away from that premium look.

Overall, it’s a solid cover with a good mix of durability and functionality. It does a decent job of keeping your truckbed secure and protected.

Performance and Durability

A-Series tonneau cover stands out for its strong all-weather protection. Here’s a straightforward summary:

Weather Resistance

The cover’s water resistance is impressive. It’s not completely waterproof, but it does a great job keeping out most of the water. The drainage system works effectively, especially in moderate rain. It’s equipped with a system for water drainage, including tubes, which are great at preventing water from getting in.

In harsher weather conditions, like heavy storms or snow, it holds up pretty well.

A side note: Allowing snow to accumulate excessively can potentially strain or damage the cover. Therefore, if you notice a significant buildup of snow, it’s wise to gently wipe it off to prevent any potential damage.

While the cover is designed to be tough against rough weather, including snow and hail, if you find yourself in a heavy storm or if the truck is parked in an open area, some moisture might get in. It is generally robust, but extreme conditions can test its limits.

Resilience to Damage

Roll-N-Lock A-Series powder coated  top
Roll-N-Lock A-Series powder coated Aluminum top

Thanks to its all-aluminum build and coating, the cover is well-protected against common damages like dents and scratches. It’s resistance to harmful effects of UV rays is impressive, it keeps retaining its look overtime and prevents fading.

Corrosion Resistance

A black powder coating on the rail adds a layer of defense, particularly against corrosion. This is important for keeping the cover in top shape even when exposed to elements like water and air.

Yeah, but let me tell you, I used it roughly and the top coat on the seal, near the tailgate, is peeling.

Seal Durability

The rubber seals used in this cover are of superior quality, meant to last a long time. Still, it’s a good idea to inspect them now and then, especially if you’re heading into extreme weather conditions, to make sure they’re still holding up.

In essence, the Roll-N-Lock A-Series tonneau cover is a durable, weather-resistant choice for most situations. It’s always a good idea to check the seals occasionally, particularly when you’re expecting challenging weather, to ensure your cargo stays dry and protected.

Usage and Security

Roll-N-Lock A-series cover is easy to use and its security features are satisfactory.

Security Features

  • Locking System

The Roll-N-Lock A-Series Tonneau Cover really ups the game with its built-in key lock. It’s a game-changer for keeping your truck bed secure. This lock is built tough to deter thieves and handle rough conditions, so you know your stuff is safe back there.

And here’s a feature I appreciate: the cover lock syncs up with your truck’s tailgate lock. It means locking your tailgate also locks the cover, all in one go.

It’s such a straightforward, no-fuss way to secure your truck bed, giving you that extra bit of confidence that everything’s locked up tight without any extra hassle.

  • Sturdy Build

The solid aluminum construction significantly enhances security. It feels much more secure, instilling confidence in the safety of my stored items. Additionally, its robust design means it can’t be easily penetrated or cut open with a knife.

Use and Functionality

  • Installation or Removal

Installation and removal is very easy. You can do it all by yourself with basic tools. For more details regarding installation, you can check out my step by step guide on installation of retractable covers here

  • Smooth Operation

I find the cover extremely user-friendly, with its ability glide smoothly for quick truck bed access. This ease of operation is a key highlight, particularly as I often need to get into the bed.

A handy tip: To clip the strap before opening the cover, ensuring it doesn’t slip away or get tangled in the cargo.

The ability to lock the cover in multiple positions is great for hauling different-sized items without removing the cover entirely.

  • Ride Comfort

The aerodynamic design helps in maintaining stability, especially at higher speeds. You may save some bucks at the pump, but it’s not a dramatic change.

As for noise reduction, the cover is generally quiet, but there can be occasional sounds, especially in windy conditions or at high speeds.

  • Maintenance Needs

I’ve learned that regular maintenance, such as cleaning and checking the seals, helps maintain its performance and longevity. You need to keep an eye on the seals and regularly lubricate the ball bearings to ensure its smooth operation.

Overall, my experience with the Roll-N-Lock A-Series Tonneau Cover has been very positive. It stands out for its exceptional security features, ease of use, and versatile functionality. It’s a secure, reliable, and user-friendly choice for any truck owner.

Pricing and Warranty

When it comes to the financial aspect of the Roll-N-Lock A-Series cover, priced between $1,949 and $2,099, and Roll N Lock A-Series XT ranges from $2,099 – $2,199, it’s important to weigh the cost against the value it provides.

Undoubtedly, this cover stands out for its quality and all-weather performance, arguably making it a top contender in its category.

However, the 3-year limited warranty does give pause, especially considering the premium price. There are more affordable options in the market, offering longer warranties.


In conclusion, Roll-N-Lock A-Series offers all the features a premium cover offers. The quality of service, the material, weatherproofing, durability, and longevity are all excellent.

However, the warranty period doesn’t quite match up to these high standards. A 3-year limited warranty for a product in this price range can be a significant factor for those who value longer coverage.

Despite this, the cover’s outstanding performance and premium construction make it a standout option. It excels in providing top-notch all-weather protection, making it an ideal choice for anyone seeking a high-end, reliable tonneau cover.