Roll-N-Lock M-Series Detailed Review

Roll-N-Lock M-Series retractable tonneau cover stands out for its seamless one piece appearance. It features vinyl top and sturdy aluminum slats, offers both style and durability.

Its compact canister is its main selling point, because Roll-N-Lock is known for providing the smallest canisters in the market. For the retraction, it uses a torsion spring mechanism that ensures smooth operation.

Roll-N-Lock M-Series truck bed cover
Roll-N-Lock M-Series Tonneau cover

This cover features multiple latching positions for adjustable bed access and a built-in tailgate locking system with key-lock for enhanced security, making it a versatile and secure choice for cargo protection.

Based on my experience testing the tonneau cover on a fleet of trucks including Chevy Silverado 2019, Ford F150 2021 and Toyota Tacoma 2013, here’s a summary of my observations:

  • Customer Service: Exceptional responsiveness; damaged units were quickly replaced without hassle.
  • Quality & Appearance: The cover impresses with its high-quality build and aesthetic appeal (seamless slats).
  • Key Lock: It comes with a key-lock which is less common in covers which lie in this price range.
  • Ease of Operation: Smooth manual operation, locks well, and offers good security, especially for trucks without a locking tailgate (e.g., Tacoma).
  • Weather Resistance: Mostly water-resistant, with minimal leakage in heavy downpours.
  • Installation: While it takes time (around 90 mins to 2.5 hours), the installation is doable with patience and attention to detail.
  • Multiple latching Points: It can be fixed at four points along the rails.
  • Instruction manual: Instructions can be confusing and generic, not specific to truck models. Adjustments and modifications are often needed.
  • Lack of Quality Assurance: Some parts like self-tapping screws and plastic tips arrived damaged.
  • Waterproofing: It’s water-resistant, not waterproof. Some trucks require additional modifications for a tighter seal.
  • Weak Lock-Hardware: The lock can be prone to bending, and the cover may retract unexpectedly on bumpy roads.

Have a look at specs in Tabular form.

Cover TypeHard, Retractable, Manual
Latching MechanismPatented ratchet-style, four-point locking system
Retraction MechanismHeavy-duty torsion spring drive, housed in 3″ aluminum reel
Slat CoreAluminum slats with interlocking hinge
Rail and Canister MaterialAluminum
Canister Size7.25 inch deep
ExteriorVinyl-over-aluminum laminated,
low-profile, aerodynamic design
Seal MaterialHigh-Quality rubber
Weather ResistanceRecessed drain fittings,
finger insulator grip on key slot for heat
Weight CapacityUp to 120 pounds
Cover Weight95 pounds
Bed AccessFull bed access available
Tailgate SealIncluded in the locking system
CustomizationT-Slotted Rails (available in Roll N Lock M-series XT)
Warranty3-year limited warranty
Price Range$1,599 – $1,699
$1,749 – $1,899 (for M-Series XT)
Table of Specs- Roll-N-Lock M-Series

Design and Build Quality

In Roll-N-Lock M-Series, the material of slats is aluminum, which provides a sturdy and durable base. Aluminum is a good choice for this kind of application because it’s lightweight yet strong, and it doesn’t succumb easily to corrosion or rust.

Roll-N-Lock M-Series One-piece top appearance
Roll-N-Lock M-Series One-piece appearance

The aluminum slats are laminated with marine grade vinyl, which gives it a sleek look. But here’s the thing, while the vinyl adds to the aesthetics, it’s not as durable as the aluminum underneath. So, if you’re rough with it, the vinyl might show wear over time.

If you’re looking for durability you can check Roll-N-Lock A-Series. It is all-aluminum option with same features.

For retraction, the cover uses a torsion spring mechanism for smooth effortless operation. And for extension it features a pull strap, making the closing process user-friendly.

Now, the canister, it is designed to be ultra compact, minimizing space usage in the truck bed. Both the canister and rails are usually made of durable materials like aluminum.

While the compact canister reduces the amount of space occupied at the front of the truck bed, but it is not removable. It’s important to consider this aspect, especially if you need to utilize the entire bed space.

Looking for a cover with removable canister? Have a look at Pace Edwards Switchblade. It comes with a removable canister and is less pricier than this.

For locking, M series features a rotating cylinder lock which comes with a key, that provides good amount of security. Also, it offers dual action tailgate locking. So, you have the ability to open and close the cover without opening the tailgate.

As a side note: For customization, you can consider buying Roll-N-Lock M-Series XT. It offers similar features along with the MaxTrak System for utility.

Overall, its a great-looking cover with a seamless one-piece appearance, offering solid durability and security. It is user-friendly and great for everyday use.

Weather Performance and Longevity

Roll-N-Lock M-series is also designed to provide four weather protection, just like Roll-N-Lock A-Series.

Leakage and Corrosion

The cover features a leakage-resistant design, which directs rainwater into the canister, preventing it from entering into the truck bed in typical rainfalls.

However, it might not be completely watertight in heavy downpours, which could lead to occasional water leakage.

For corrosion resistance, the vinyl top protects the aluminum body from water and other elements. Although aluminum is less prone to corrosion.

Rails are powder coated to prevent rust. Additionally, other metal parts like screws and washers are also coated with corrosion-resistant materials for enhanced durability of the cover.

Dust and UV Rays

The cover does a great job in filtering the dust and keeping the cargo clean. And vinyl top is pretty durable however there’s a slight chance that the cover may fade or wear over time under the intense and prolonged exposure of sun.

M-Series Tonneau cover by Roll-N-Lock
M-Series Vinyl Top after prolonged use

The company claims the Roll-N-Lock M Series tonneau cover can withstand temperatures ranging from -33°C to 47°C.

However, exposure beyond these limits may “void” the warranty, so it’s advised to avoid parking your truck for extended periods, especially in extreme summer heat.

Also, seals under intense sunlight can also lose their flexibility and adhesive strength, resulting in issues like water leakage and dust infiltration.

To mitigate these effects, it’s important to regularly inspect the seals for signs of wear and to perform maintenance or replacements as necessary.

Hail And Snow

The cover performs well in hail and snow conditions. However, it’s important to be cautious about snow accumulation.

Excessive snow can exceed the cover’s weight capacity, which may bed or damage. Therefore, if there’s a significant buildup of snow, it’s advisable to gently remove it to prevent potential harm.

To sum up, Roll-N-Lock M-Series tonneau cover is composed of good quality material. It is built and designed to fight against various weather conditions.

Theft Prevention

Roll-N-Lock M-Series Lock
Roll-N-Lock M-Series KeyLock

Roll-N-Lock M Series tonneau cover is designed to provide a high level of security for the contents of your truck bed. Here’s a breakdown of its security features:

Key Lock Security: The M Series comes with a key lock, offering an added layer of protection. This is particularly useful if your truck’s tailgate itself doesn’t have a lock.

Enhanced Security with Locked Tailgate: The security of the cover is significantly improved when used in conjunction with a locked tailgate. This dual-locking system makes it more challenging for potential thieves to access your truck bed.

High Theft Deterrent: With a 98% theft deterrent rate, the M Series is highly effective in preventing unauthorized access. It’s constructed to be robust and difficult to penetrate, even with tools or weapons.

Sealing and Privacy: The cover seals properly and locks at the tailgate, preventing people from peeking into the truck bed when it’s locked. This feature not only protects your belongings from theft but also from the elements.

Overall, the cover is excellent, but the lock hardware is a bit thin. I once had an issue where the lock bent, causing the cover to retract unexpectedly on bumpy roads.

This was due to me turning the lock incorrectly, but ideally, it shouldn’t bend that easily. It’s a rare issue, but it’s something to keep in mind.

To enhance the security of your truck bed further, consider the following steps:

  • Ensure the lock and retraction mechanism are functioning correctly and the latches are properly installed. Regular maintenance can prevent unexpected malfunctions.
  • Park in well-lit, secure areas whenever possible. Visibility and exposure can deter potential thieves.
  • Even with a secure cover, it’s wise not to leave valuable items in the truck bed for extended periods, especially in high-theft areas.
  • Consider installing additional security devices like alarms or GPS trackers for added peace of mind.

Roll-N-Lock M-Series cover is generally well-regarded for its security features, no product is entirely foolproof.

Easy Operation and Maintenance

Roll-N-Lock M-Series excels in offering seamless user-experience, it glides smoothly on the rails providing quick bed access. Also the four point locking is handy, you can open it according to your requirement.

In terms of ride comfort, the cover’s aerodynamic design contributes positively. It aids in maintaining vehicular stability, especially at higher speeds. While the impact on fuel efficiency is noticeable, it’s not exceptionally significant.

Regarding noise, the cover is typically quiet. However, it’s worth noting that in certain conditions, like high winds or when driving at speed, there might be some noise.

Regular maintenance is key to ensuring the cover’s longevity and optimal performance. This involves routine cleaning, checking the seals for integrity, and lubrication to preserve its smooth functionality.

Roll-N-Lock M-Series cover has a user-friendly design, and is easy to maintain.

Cost and Value

The Roll-N-Lock M Series, with a price tag ranging from $1,599 to $1,699, is a solid choice in the mid-range category for tonneau covers. It’s renowned for its premium quality and excellent resistance to various weather conditions.

If you’re considering adding accessories, the M Series XT takes it up a notch, with prices between $1,749 and $1,899.

Both models are made of high-quality materials and provide robust weather resistance. Additionally, they come with a 3-year limited warranty.

This warranty is fair (according to price), though I understand that some truck owners might be looking for something with a longer warranty period.

Therefore, if the length of the warranty is a significant factor in your purchase decision, you might want to explore other options that offer more extended coverage.

Overall, this cover balances premium features while maintaining a position within the mid-range price bracket.


In conclusion, I’d say this is a top-quality cover that offers better weather resistance than other products in its range and is built with premium materials.

I’m really happy with how easy it is to use and maintain. Overall, the cover is fantastic, providing great features. For its price range, it’s a high-quality option that feels like a bargain, and it’s backed by a 3-year limited warranty.

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  1. I’m buying my first retractable cover. Does the vinyl top wear off over time? Does the box remove water properly? How often do I need to clean it?

    • Thank you for your kind words! Use a vinyl protector and restorer twice or thrice a year; it will last for years. About the canister, yes, it removes water effectively. Clean the cover whenever you clean your truck and give a quick check to the canister every week to see if any stuff like leaves has gotten in there.

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