Rough Country Hard Low Profile Review

Rough Country Low Profile Tonneau Cover stands out for it ultra low profile design, sits flush on the truck bed that smooth, seamless look.

Rough Country Low Profile Cover
Rough Country Hard Low Profile Tonneau Cover Installed

It’s easy on the wallets but tough as nails, made from light yet strong military-grade aluminum. And the cherry on top? A limited lifetime warranty. What else this cover offers? We are going to find out.

Bottom line (for folks who are in hurry)
My journey with the Rough Country Low Profile Tonneau Cover has been a positive ride. It nails the sleek look and keeps the elements at bay impressively. While the installation manual could use a refresh and the seals could be better. It offers great quality at an accessible price point.

Having used the Rough Country Hard Low Profile Tonneau Covers on various models including my trusty Silverado and GMC, I’ve accumulated a mix of impressions.

Areas Where it Excels

Flushed Design The low-profile look gives my trucks a sharp, clean line that turns heads. It’s not just about security; it’s about riding in style, too.

Weather Resistance Mostly, the cover does a fine job of keeping the bed dry and dust-free. It’s held up well against rain and snow, a real plus for the unpredictable weather I often encounter.

Seamless Integration On my Silverado, the cover fitted like a glove. There was no leakage; it repelled water effectively, leaving the bed dry and secure.

Value for Money While it’s not at the high-end price point, it competes admirably, offering nearly as good protection and aesthetics as covers that demand double the investment.

Sturdy Latches The robustness of the latches caught my attention. They clamp down with a reassuring strength that gives a sense of security.

Areas That Could Use a Touch-Up

However, I’ve taken note of a few spots that could use some polish.

Seal Imperfections The seal seemed reluctant to lie flat (in one cover). Notably, it was perfect on the Silverado, but the GMC model showed some leakage, underscoring that fit can vary between truck models.

Instruction Manual The installation guide had outdated images that didn’t match the hardware included, suggesting it needs an update to reflect the current fittings.

Installation Quirks Fitting the cover wasn’t without its quirks; particularly, the drain pipes presented a bit of a puzzle during installation, proving to be a little tricky.

Customer Service Customer service was a letdown; they seemed uninformed, likely because the cover typically performs well and rarely prompts complaints. Only a handful of representatives were unable to assist with installation queries.

Tabular Data

LatchPull Cord Latching System
Panel CoreSynthetic Filling
Frame MaterialAluminum
Panel ExteriorAircraft Grade Aluminum
Seal MaterialRubber
FinishTextured and Lustrous Finish
InstallationBolt -on no drill installation
Weather ResistanceUV and Corrosion Resistant Coating
SecurityProvides a good amount of security
Weight Capacity400 lbs
Cover Weight65 pounds for a 5’7″ Size (Varies depending on the specific model)
Bed Access2/3 bed access
Tailgate SealCan only be locked inside the tailgate
WarrantyLifetime Limited Warranty
Specifications of Rough Country Hard Low Profile Tonneau Cover

Design and Material

Rough Country cover flaunts a three-segment setup that allows you to fold it toward the cab of your truck. It has one fixed panel and gives 2/3 access to the truck bed.

Rough Country cord latch
RC Hard cover pull cord latch

It can be locked by folding the panels towards the cab and engaging the latches until they click. For unlocking you can disengage the latches under the cover and folding it back.

The panels are made from aircraft-grade aluminum and core of the panels is made of synthetic material, adding to its durability.

Additionally, the frame is also made of aluminum and has a matte black finish. This finishing makes the frame corrosion-resistant.

Moreover, Rough Country Low Profile Cover can handle up to 400 lbs of weight when evenly distributed.

But make sure, that you don’t put all the weight on just one panel.

Furthermore, its textured coating adds toughness and upgrades the truck’s entire look and provides UV protection.

Therefore, the color doesn’t fade for quite a long time, and the cover maintains its overall look.

Lastly, the seals of RC are made of rubber. These seals make the cover airtight. They are not as good as EPDM seals and may wear off with time.

RC LP tonneau cover features a durable, three-segment, foldable design with an aircraft-grade aluminum panels, a corrosion-resistant frame, and rubber seals, supporting up to 400 lbs evenly distributed, while enhancing the truck’s appearance and protection.

How to Install Rough Country Hard Tonneau Cover?

Rough Country Hard cover DIY
Rough Country DIY installation

Here’s a simplified step-by-step guide to installing an RC Cover:

  • Gather a socket wrench, Phillips screwdriver, and an extra pair of hands.
  • Remove the cover from packaging and identify the clamps.
  • Place cover on truck bed, aligning edges carefully.
  • Gradually tighten under-cover clamps with socket wrench (avoid over-tightening).
  • Ensure cover aligns properly (adjust if needed).
  • Tighten rear clamps with Phillips screwdriver to secure cover.

You can check my detailed installation guide here

Ease of Use

  • User-Friendly Design It is designed for ease of use, featuring a three-panel setup. However, it’s important to note that one of these panels is fixed, which means you won’t be able to achieve complete access to your truck bed, potentially limiting the type of cargo you can carry.
  • Low Maintenance Needs It cover requires minimal upkeep. Its durable materials and construction mean you’ll spend less time and effort on maintenance.
  • Warranty-Backed Hardware Replacements It comes with a warranty that includes hardware replacements. Review the warranty guidelines prior to purchasing to understand what’s covered.
  • Enhanced Driving Experience Installing the cover can significantly improve the ride’s comfort. By making the truck more aerodynamic, it not only reduces wind noise but also can enhance the overall driving experience, making for a quieter and smoother ride.
  • Potential Gas Savings The reduced wind drag achieved by the cover’s aerodynamic design, drivers may notice an improvement in gas mileage. The reduction in air resistance can lead to more efficient fuel consumption, offering potential savings at the pump.

Is Rough Country Tonneau Cover Secure?

Rough Country Hard cover clamps
RC’s securing clamps

Complete invulnerability to theft is, unfortunately, not a guarantee. However, RC LP does offer a considerable level of security that deters thieves.

When this cover is securely latched, it forms a hard barrier that isn’t easily penetrated. This alone can deter opportunistic criminals looking for an easy target.

One plus point is that the cover locks inside the tailgate so it won’t open when the tailgate is locked. This also adds an extra wrap of security to it. It’s not invincible, but it sure makes a thief’s job a whole lot tougher.

RC Low Profile offers enhanced security by providing a hard barrier that’s difficult to penetrate. Its design, which locks inside the tailgate, adds an extra layer of security, making it a robust deterrent against theft.

Water Leakage and Weather Resistance

Like all other hard tonneau covers, it also has a drain tubes to drain the water that gathers on the top of the cover. That’s one way to keep the moisture out.

If the cover is properly installed and the seals are adhesive enough, it will keep the dirt and water out. It won’t leak on a normal rainy day. I didn’t see any leakage on light or normal rainy days.

Are you afraid of water leaks? Read my detailed article here (mentioned all the possible reasons)

Moreover, the weather stripping and seals also play a part in this. Before you go out on an adventure or have to park your truck in a heavy storm, you must check the seals and stripping.

Speaking of resistance from weather elements, the coating plays a great role here. It doesn’t let water and other weather elements reach the surface of the panels, keeping the cover safe from corrosion.

Tough aluminum panels do great job in colder climates. They can carry the load of snow upto 400lb.

One thing I would like to mention is that the adhesion of the seals might diminish over time due to the heat caused by the sun. You can get them fixed under warranty.

Rough Country Hard Cover does a decent job of keeping your truck bed protected from most weather conditions. Keep an eye on the seals and take necessary precautions when facing extreme weather situations.

Rough Country Hard cover secured with belts
Rough Country Low Profile cover secured with belts

Price and Value

RC LP offers significant value. Priced at $649, it is the most affordable hard cover. And it comes with a limited lifetime warranty, now that’s impressive!

That’s the reason it made to my list of top tri-fold hard tonneau covers.

Given its robust design, durable materials, and the level of protection it provides for your truck bed, this cover presents a great bang for your buck.

It’s an investment in not only the safety of your cargo but also the longevity and aesthetic appeal of your truck. All things considered, the price tag truly aligns with the quality you’re getting, making it a worthwhile purchase.

So, for folks out there who use their trucks for work or leisure and don’t want to compromise on either protection or style, this cover fits the bill.

Take Home Notes

In conclusion, the Rough Country LP Cover ticks all the boxes for what a hard tonneau cover should offer while maintaining affordability.

Although the customer service may leave something to be desired due to slow responsiveness, the lifetime warranty is a compelling feature.

What makes this cover especially worth considering is its contribution to a more secure and enjoyable driving experience. It effectively reduces wind drag and ensures a quieter ride, marking it as the most economically advantageous hard cover I’ve encountered.