Different Types of Tonneau Covers

Different types of tonneau covers are designed to cater to diverse user requirements and preferences.

Each category is tailored to a specific type of truck owner, offering unique features and benefit.

Tonneau covers tested on Ford F150 5.5 ft bed
Most of them are tested on Ford F150
  • Folding Tonneau Covers
  • Retractable Tonneau Covers
  • Roll Up Tonneau Covers
  • Hinged Tonneau Covers
  • Snap or Snap-less Tonneau Covers

Folding tonneau covers combine flexibility with security. These covers are ideal for truck owners who need quick access to their truck bed while also wanting to secure their cargo effectively.

They strike a balance between ease of use and protection. These covers are easily adjustable to different needs – whether you need full bed access or just a portion, folding covers can accommodate.

Hard Folding Covers

BAKFlip F1 Quad-Fold tonneau cover
Quad Fold hard folding tonneau cover

The primary purpose of hard folding covers is to offer top-level security and protection from theft and environmental elements. These cover are available in bi-folds, tri-folds and quad-folds based on their style and truck bed size.

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They are particularly suited for users who carry valuable cargo or frequently park in areas where security might be a concern. Also, they can be folded giving you the flexibility to keep it open in segments according to your requirement.

Hard Folding are built from highly durable aluminum or fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP). These covers are highly durable, weather-resistant, adjustable, secure, and capable of bearing significant weight. They seamlessly integrate with the truck’s design, and provide true value to money.

This bi-fold, heavy-duty aluminum cover is not just durable; it’s a great value for the price. Its ability to support an impressive 1600 pounds is a standout feature.

It’s conveniently accessible from both the cabin and tailgate sides, and its significant water resistance is a big plus. The addition of a limited lifetime warranty seals the deal, assuring long-term reliability and satisfaction.

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Soft Folding Covers

Soft Folding Tonneau cover by Ford
Soft Folding Tonneau Cover

Soft folding covers are designed for truck owners looking for a cost-effective solution that provides easy bed access and basic protection against the elements like rain, snow, and sun. They are well-suited for everyday use.

Soft Folding covers are lightweight yet durable, easy to install and fold, and offer reliable protection from weather. They maintain its appearance over time and be flexible for easy operation.

This tonneau cover presents a seamless, one-piece appearance with a sturdy aluminum framework covered by resilient vinyl.

Its design is both lightweight and stylish, ensuring substantial protection for the bed of your truck. An excellent selection for those purchasing a tonneau cover for the first time, it offers an affordable solution while maintaining high standards of quality.

Additionally, its light construction makes it a suitable and convenient choice for women truck owners.

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Hybrid Cover

The main purpose of a hybrid folding tonneau cover is to provide the ease of use found in soft covers with the added security and durability of hard covers. They are designed for truck owners who want a middle ground between the two types.

Hybrid covers blend the features of hard and soft covers, often featuring a soft exterior with hard underlying panels.

A hybrid cover would offer robust protection while being lightweight and easy to handle. It should be resistant to weather and potential theft, yet flexible enough for quick and convenient access to the truck bed.

Retractable covers are ideal for seamless operation, ranging from manual to automated systems.

Manual Retractable cover by FOrd
Retractable Tonneau Cover

Manual Retractable Covers

Hand-operated and retract into a front canister, offering a sleek look. These covers are crafted from aluminum slats or one piece durable plastic.

The purpose of a manual retractable cover is to provide easy access and secure protection for a truck bed.

Retractable Covers offer user-friendly operation, durability, weather resistance, and compact storage.

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Manual retractable covers are more “affordable” than their motorized counterparts and are less prone to jamming since they do not rely on a motor for operation.

Motorized Retractable Covers

Motorized retractable covers, featuring automatic retraction controlled by a remote, are designed for superior convenience and functionality in truck bed protection.

Their purpose extends beyond just safeguarding the cargo; they also enhance the ease of use and the overall user experience.

These covers offer enhanced security, durability, weather resistance, sleek design, easy installation, power efficiency, and customization.

These covers provide an effortless, secure, and stylish solution for protecting truck beds.

Pace Edwards JackRabbit – Best in the Category

It is available in both manual and electric options. The manual option features aluminum slats with vinyl lamination, while the electric option is a full metal version, also referred to as “Bedlocker.”

It is a premium quality cover and both options have different prices. Full metal version comes with ultimate lifetime warranty.

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Roll-up covers are known for their ease of use, offering quick and simple bed access.

Soft Roll-Up Covers

Soft rolling truck bed cover
Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover

Their primary purpose is to provide a lightweight, adaptable covering for truck beds that combines ease of use with effective protection.

Soft Roll up covers are known for being affordable and user-friendly. They offer basic security by covering the truck bed and have a limited weight-bearing capacity.

These covers are valued for their flexibility, ease of use, affordability, lightweight design, moderate weather protection, basic security, compact storage, and aesthetic appeal, offering a practical and cost-effective solution for truck bed protection.

Hard Roll-Up Covers

Hard rolling truckbed cover
Hard Roll Up Tonneau Cover

Hard roll-up covers feature aluminum slats offer a perfect balance between enhanced security and flexibility.

These covers provide enhanced security with aluminum slats, durability, flexibility, weather resistance, easy operation, aesthetic appeal, moderate to high weight-bearing capacity, and are available in customizable sizes for different trucks.

They offer a secure and practical solution for truck bed protection with a balance of strength and convenience.

BAK Revolver X4s – Best in Category

The Bak Revolver X4S stands as America’s top-rated hard roll-up cover, distinguished by its composition of 1/4 inch aluminum slats coupled with premium vinyl fabric.

This cover is designed with innovative pivot teeth locking rails, enhancing its security and durability.

Capable of supporting up to 400 lbs, it not only promises resilience but also comes with the assurance of a 5-year warranty, embodying a perfect blend of strength and reliability.

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Hinged tonneau covers are one piece covers that offer top-notch security and protection, ideal for those prioritizing durability. They have ability to be color-matched for a cohesive appearance.

UnderCover Elite Hinged Truckbed Cover
One Piece Hinged Cover by UnderCover

Fiberglass Hinged Covers

Fiberglass hinged covers are designed for robust security and a seamless look. These covers have a heavy-duty construction for enhanced security, a sleek design that complements the truck’s aesthetics.

They offer full bed access through a hinged mechanism, and are slightly heavier than other type of covers.

Plastic Hinged Covers

A plastic hinged cover serves as a lighter, more cost-effective alternative to heavier covers, offering decent protection for truck beds.

Plastic hinged cover are lightweight for ease of use, affordability without sacrificing quality, reasonable durability to withstand everyday use, and convenient bed access through its hinged design.

Snap and snap-less covers provide a range of closure options, from traditional snaps to modern seal systems.

White Snap-on tonneau cover
Snap Tonneau Cover

Snap Covers

Snap covers, characterized by their classic design and adjustable tension, utilize a snap closure system for securing truck beds.

The primary purpose of a perfect snap cover is to offer a straightforward, reliable, and easy-to-use solution for truck bed protection.

Key qualities include ease of installation and removal, adjustable tension for a snug fit, cost-effectiveness, and basic weather and theft protection, making them a practical choice for everyday use.

Snap-less Covers

Feature a smooth sealing mechanism for a sleek appearance and better weather resistance.

Snap-less covers are designed to provide a clean, sleek appearance for truck beds, featuring a smooth sealing mechanism that enhances weather resistance.

Snap-less cover offers an uncluttered and stylish look due to the absence of snaps, superior weather protection with its seamless seal, easy operation for quick bed access.

These covers have durable design that withstands regular use while maintaining the truck’s aesthetic appeal.

All the types of tonneau covers mentioned above, are available across a wide price range. The cost variations reflect differences in warranty period, quality, and materials used.

For those seeking additional customization options, such as accessory integrations, each type of cover is available in specific rails (e.g, T-slots) to accommodate these needs, offering flexibility and personalization to suit individual preferences.


Tonneau covers, available in various types such as folding, retractable, roll-up, hinged, and snap cater to a wide range of needs and preferences for truck owners.

They offer a unique blend of security, ease of use, and aesthetic appeal, enhancing the functionality and look of trucks.

With options in different materials and designs, and the ability to integrate accessories, these covers are adaptable to various budgets and usage requirements, making them a versatile and essential addition to any truck.