DiamondBack HD Tonneau Cover Review

The Diamondback HD is renowned for its unique Dual-fold 3 segment design, allowing access to your truck bed from both the cab, and tailgate side. Here, the HD stands for “Heavy-Duty”, and I have to tell ya, it not just the name.

Diamondback HD Rugged black
Diamondback HD Rugged black installed on Ford F250

So this cover is compatible with a range of accessories and can haul an impressive load. It’s available in three finishes – smooth black, rugged black, and aluminum, and it’s pretty resistant to UV.

Basically it all comes down to this:

Having used the Diamondback HD Tonneau Cover on my trucks, I’ve noticed several standout features and some weaknesses too. Here’s my personal take on this cover:

Using the Diamondback HD Tonneau Cover on my trucks, I’ve identified key features that make it stand out:

  • High Load Capacity: Supports up to 1600 lbs, ideal for heavy-duty hauling.
  • Accessory Compatibility: Easily integrates accessories like Yakima, headache racks, CB radio antennas, LED lights,Cross Bin and supports rooftop tents like the iKamper mini.
  • Durable Construction: Robust build quality ensures longevity, even in harsh conditions.
  • Easy Installation and Removal: Can be done in about 10 minutes, adding convenience.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Sleek design and multiple finishing options enhances truck appearance. Its Aluminum finish option unique and cheaper.
  • Enhanced Security: Reliable locking system for safeguarding valuables.
  • Convenient Access: Opens from both front and back for easier cargo handling.
  • Warranty: The cover is backed up by limited lifetime warranty.

I’ve observed areas for improvement with the Diamondback HD Tonneau Cover:

  • Price Point: The cover is a significant investment, which might be a consideration for some buyers.
  • Panel Weight: One panel weighs 50 pounds and it can be a problem for some users (females and senior citizens).
  • Reduced Fuel Efficiency: It improves overall aerodynamics, but its weight still negatively impacts its fuel efficiency.
  • Tailgate Freezing: Cover tends to freeze a little with the tailgate, sticking them together, and making it hard to open.
  • Weather Stripping Durability: The stripping is prone to damage from regular use.
  • Water leakage: Generally effective but requires some extra sealing around corners.

Have a quick look at all its specs.

Cover TypeDiamondBack HD Tonneau Cover
DesignBi-fold design for cab and tailgate side access
Latching & SecurityDeadbolt-style lock system
die-cast zinc lock handles
2 key locks
Panel Core.100″ 3003 alloy aluminum grade
Frame MaterialAluminum with 7 structural studs
Panel ExteriorAluminum with optional anchor cleats
FinishSmooth black,
Rugged black,
Weather ResistanceEPDM perimeter gasket
Weight Capacity1,600 lb. dynamic load,
2,000 lb. static load
Cover WeightEach panel weighs 50 lbs
Bed AccessFull bed access with front and rear panel opening
Tailgate SealBulkhead weatherstrip
WarrantyLimited lifetime warranty
Hardware & Accessories Included12 Anchor cleats,
stainless steel hinges,
3/8″ steel lock rods​
Specifications – Diamondback HD Hard Tonneau Cover

Build Quality and Design

Diamondback HD has 2 folding panel which offer dual side access to the truckbed. It is crafted from .100″ 3003 alloy aluminum, known for its strength and light weight.

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What comes in a boox of Diamondback HD
Assembling Diamondback HD.

It’s coated with the high-quality, durable spray-on material used by major truck manufacturers.

It comes in 3 finishes:

  • Smooth black.
  • Rugged black.
  • Aluminum.

All of them are tough, easy to clean, and resistant to various substances like gasoline, diesel, and paint. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly.

It’s designed to rest on top of your truck’s cargo box rails, so you can open and close the tailgate without any interference from the cover. Even when there’s a load on top, you won’t have issues with the tailgate operation.

Security is a big deal with the Diamondback HD. It features rugged, die-cast zinc lock handles on the access panels. These locks use 3/8″ deadbolt-style rods that fit snugly under the truck bed rails, ensuring your gear stays safe.

When it comes to hauling, this cover doesn’t shy away. It has a 1,600 lb. dynamic load rating and a 2,000 lb. static load rating. These specs are tailored to the specific model of your truck.

The cover is reinforced with 7 structural studs and can optionally include 12 anchor cleats to mount cargo on the top of it.

For weather resistance neoprene compression gaskets and seals are used. Neoprene is thermal insulator and resistant to fire, lubricants and chemicals.

Also, same materials are used in Diamondback Switchback (review), which is a great tri-fold pick.

In summary, the Diamondback HD is a well-thought-out cover, blending robust construction with practical features. It’s an investment that seems to pay off in terms of durability and reliability, especially for those who need both security and carrying capacity.

​​​​​​​​Weather Performance

Diamondback HD truck bed cover is designed to offer substantial weather resistance. Here’s a detailed look at its weather performance:

Smooth black smooth underside of panel - Diamondback HD
Diamondback HD Smooth Black Panel Underside

UV Resistance

Diamondback HD truck bed cover features neoprene gasket seals renowned for their UV resistance. Neoprene is resilient against sun exposure, maintaining its elasticity and not degrading easily.

This makes it perfect for creating a durable, weather-tight seal. These seals consistently perform well, retaining their integrity even in environments with intense sunlight.

Water Resistance

The Diamondback HD features perimeter seals that are effective in keeping water out. However, it’s important to note that due to variations in truck bed designs, there might be fitting issues that could potentially allow water ingress.

Diamondback HD achieves an impressive level of water resistance (around 98%). This means it provides robust protection against water, although it’s not entirely impervious.

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Weather Handling

  • Snow and Hail: The material of the Diamondback HD is robust, capable of withstanding diverse weather conditions like snow and hail. In some instances, the cover may freeze to the tailgate, but it effectively keeps the cargo dry and clean.
  • Snow Load Capacity: A significant advantage of this cover is its ability to handle the weight of snow accumulation, making it suitable for use in areas with heavy snowfall.
  • Dust and Sand: One of the concerns for truck owners is whether dust and sand can penetrate the truck bed. The Diamondback HD is properly sealed to minimize this, although in extremely windy or sandy environments, some penetration may still occur.

Precautionary Checks

  • It’s essential to inspect the seals, before setting off on an adventure, particularly in rainy conditions.
  • Do not park your truck in outdoor parking, when its about to rain. It never hurts to have a safety factor.
  • Checking that the seals are intact and correctly positioned is crucial to stop moisture from entering the truck bed.
  • If any damage is detected, using the warranty for replacements is advisable.

In summary, the Diamondback HD truck bed cover offers robust weather resistance and durability, however, there’s slight chance of water leakage (in some trucks). Its high-quality construction and thoughtful design features cater to the needs of truck owners who frequently encounter diverse weather conditions.

Safety Features

Diamondback HD truck bed cover, from my experience, stands out in terms of security. This cover seals perfectly, making it impossible to sneak a peek into the truck bed.

Diamondback HD Tailgate key-lock
Rugged Black Diamondback HD Tailgate key-lock

The material is so robust that it deters prying eyes effectively. Two key locks with 3/8″ steel lock rods on both panels provide solid security for the truck bed. There’s no chance anyone can casually access your truck bed.

However, in extreme scenarios, if someone is determined to break in over a long period, they might find a way, perhaps by breaking the lock or cutting the panels. But these are extreme scenarios and very unlikely to happen.

Its heavy-duty construction and locking mechanisms are a strong deterrent against casual theft.

In summary, the Diamondback HD offers effective security for everyday use and against opportunistic theft. While it significantly enhances the security of your truck bed.

Ease of Use

Diamondback HD truck bed cover offers ease of use that significantly enhances the overall driving experience. Here’s a closer look:

Dual side Folding Panels Diamondback HD
Dual-Fold Panels Diamondback HD Smooth Black
  • Accessibility: The cover’s dual side opening feature greatly enhances access. You can open it from either the cabin side or the tailgate side, offering flexibility based on your needs.
  • A Minor Inconvenience: The lock on the cabin side can only be unlocked from the passenger side, requiring a walk around the truck to open it.
  • Cover Weight: Its one panel weighs 50 pounds. So I will not recommend it to ladies truck owners and senior citizens.
  • Easy Removal: The cover’s quick and easy removal process is ideal for those who frequently switch between a covered and open truck bed.
  • Driving Experience: The cover improves aerodynamics, yet it doesn’t help improve the fuel efficiency because of its weight. It’s also sealed and snug, eliminating noise during transit.
  • Maintenance: It is low-maintenance. It requires minimal upkeep. Regular cleaning to remove dust and debris, along with occasional checks of the seals and locking mechanisms, should be sufficient to keep it in good condition.

Diamondback HD offers an ease of use that enhances both the security and driving experience. Though the weight of the panels and the position of the cabin side lock could be minor drawbacks. Its user-friendly locking system, dual-side opening, and low maintenance requirements make it a practical addition to any truck.

Price and Value

Rugged black panel underside of Diamondback HD
Rugged black panel underside – Diamondback HD

The Diamondback HD truck bed cover comes with a limited lifetime warranty and is priced between $1,999 to $2,299.

Though it’s on the pricier side, it justifies its cost with its return on investment, backed by a solid warranty. The security it offers is robust and user-friendly, making it less of a hassle to use.

This cover is a one-time investment. If it’s within your budget, it’s definitely worth considering. The material, security features, quality, and design are self-evident.

Just by looking at it, you can see how its quality speaks volumes, and the price, while high, is completely justified by what it offers.

Take Home Notes

Diamondback HD is rugged and tough hard tonneau cover, which excels in security and durability. It is expensive but if we look at its build quality the price is justifiable. After all you get what you pay for.

It offers brilliant weather performance and comes with the lifetime warranty. So if you are someone who prefers the finest things in life. You should get it but keep one thing in mind that the panels are heavy, which may not be suitable for some users.

Overall, if you are a keeper and do not really want to change tonneau cover every 2 or 3 year. This is a good option to choose.

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