BAKFlip MX4 vs Rough Country Low Profile

The BAKFlip MX4 is a sturdy, tri-fold cover with a sleek appearance. You can fully open it to access your entire truck bed, which is extremely practical. Additionally, it does a commendable job at keeping water out.

Conversely, the Rough Country Low Profile is noted for its distinctive ultra-low profile design.

BAKFlip MX4 Jet black top

Price-wise, it is a bit more wallet-friendly than the BAKFlip MX4 and offers a longer warranty. This makes it a compelling choice for those seeking a one-off investment.

Here’s the verdict (if you are in hurry)
BAKFlip MX4 has superior build quality with premium features like EPDM seals for enhanced weather resistance, though it comes at a higher price point. Rough Country Low Profile offers a budget-friendly option with a lifetime warranty, although it may have slightly less effective seals and customer service. Both covers ensure robust security and everyday usability, accommodating various preferences and budgets.

Key Features

Rough Country Hard Low Profile

  • Ultra low-profile design.
  • Low Priced.
  • Comes with a Lifetime warranty.
  • Carry 400lb evenly distributed weight.

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Now with BAKFlip MX4

  • Full bed access.
  • 400 lb weight-bearing capacity.
  • Premium EPDM seals.
  • good water resistance

Shared Features

  • Dual-Action Tailgate Seal
  • Pull Cord Latching
  • Full metal
SpecificationRough Country Low ProfileBAKFlip MX4
LatchingPull Cord Latching SystemPull Cord
Frame MaterialAluminumAluminum
Panel ExteriorAircraft Grade AluminumMilitary Grade Aluminum
Seal MaterialRubberEPDM Rubber Seals
FinishBlack Powdered FinishJet black matte finish
InstallationClamp-on InstallationClamp-on Installation
Weather ResistanceUV and Corrosion Resistant CoatingUV and Rust Resistant Coating
SecurityIntegrated Locking SystemIntegrated Locking System
Weight Capacity400 lbsUp to 400 lbs (Evenly Distributed)
Cover Weight70 pounds71 lbs
Bed Access2/3 Bed AccessFull Bed Access
Tailgate SealDual Action Tailgate sealDual Action Tailgate seal
WarrantyLifetime Limited Warranty5 Years Limited Warranty
Price$649$1,199 – $1,249
Rough Country Low profile vs BAKFlip MX4


BAKFlip MX4 features a three paneled layout, with the core of aluminum for strength and durability.

MX4’s full bed access

Its exterior panels are also made of aluminum, topped with a black powder coat finish that guards against scratches and the sun’s harmful UV rays.

The frame is constructed from lightweight aluminum, ensuring the cover is both strong and easy to handle.

In line with high-quality covers, the MX4 incorporates EPDM seals to effectively block water entry and keep dust out.

For securing the cover, the MX4 employs a straightforward pull-cord latching system. This cord is located beneath each panel, facilitating a secure closure and simple opening process.

Additionally, it features a dual-action tailgate seal, enabling the tailgate to be closed without lifting the cover. This adds a layer of ease and functionality to the cover’s design.

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Rough Country Low Profile as the name suggests has a sleek ultra low profile design which reduces the wind drag and improves the driving experience.

Its panels are crafted from robust aluminum sheets and treated with a powder coating finish to ensure that the cover remains free from rust.

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For protection from dust and water rubber seals are used to make the cover airtight and watertight. Its frame is also composed of aluminum and coated black to avoid corrosion.

Overall, both covers have similar designs and feature dual-action tailgates for easy operation. MX4 features premium EPDM seals for weather protection and offers full bed access.

Durability and Weather Resistance

Both covers have similar composition and design, and both are capable of supporting up to 400 lbs.

Rough Country Hard Cover
Rough Country Low Profile Hard Cover

BAKFlip MX4 is better at keeping water out, thanks to its EPDM seals. The RC Low Profile might let more water in during rain, and fit issues could be one reason for leaks.

There are several reasons of water leakage.

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For UV and rust resistance both covers are treated with coatings.

Furthermore, BAKFlip MX4 has an advantage with its EPDM seals. They are more durable than the regular rubber seals found in RC Low Profile.

But RC Low Profile offers a lifetime warranty, providing the opportunity for hardware replacement if needed (check warranty guidelines before purchasing).

Furthermore, both the covers are susceptible to dents during heavy hail storms, but such damage tends to be more noticeable on models like the MX4.

RC Low Profile with its textured top, has an advantage here as it better disguises any dents, offering a more resilient appearance in adverse weather conditions.

Both covers are capable of withstanding snowy conditions without freezing or breaking. Their performance will be considered equal because their weight bearing capacity is equivalent.

While both the covers are durable and weather-resistant, Rough Country Low Profile’s textured top hides dents well, especially in hail storms. MX4 has better water resistance because of its seals.

Which provides better security?

Both MX4 and RC low profile excel in providing robust security features. They utilize a similar pull cord latch system that locks at the tailgate, effectively securing the cover in place.

This ensures the cover can only be opened when the tailgate itself is unlocked, adding an extra layer of security.

Securing the tailgate enhances the overall safety of both covers even further. Moreover, the comprehensive sealing of these covers ensures that the contents of the truck bed remain concealed from prying eyes.

Regarding resistance to sharp objects or potential tampering, both covers feature aluminum construction. This ensures the panels are not only durable but also resistant to penetration, offering a great defense against any unauthorized access attempts.

In essence, the security measures and material strength of both the BAKFlip MX4 and Rough Country Low Profile make them equally effective in safeguarding the contents of your truck bed.

Everyday Usability and Maintenance

Both covers have the same weight and they offer a similar latching mechanism that offers user-friendly opening and closing mechanisms.

BAKFlip MX4 top scrathed
MX4 rough scratched top

BAKFlip MX4 is more user-friendly as it provides full bed access. But here at the same time, it should be used with care because it can get scratches and minor dings very easily so you have to be careful when putting something on top of it.

Rough Country LP’s textured top allows it to be used more ruggedly, as scratches blend in seamlessly.

Additionally, both covers reduce wind resistance ensuring a quieter ride and improved aerodynamics.

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BAKFlip MX4 may require little less maintenance, because it has slightly better build quality and features premium quality seals.

To sum up, BAKFlip MX4 being prone to scratches should be used with care, on the other hand, Rough Country low profile provides 2/3 bed access.

Cost Comparison

BAKFlip MX4 is priced at $1049 with a decent 5-year warranty. It’s good with its premium build quality and EPDM seals keep your stuff safe from rain or dust.

Rough Country Low Profile is more affordable at $645, and it offers with a lifetime warranty.

Rough Country Low Profile seems to have a slight edge with its low price along with lifetime warranty on the other hand BAKFlip MX4 comes in double price with premium quality.


Both covers have full metal construction if we consider the built quality BAKFlip MX4 is better offers better sealing against leaks, but it comes among the premium price ranges.

RC Low Profile excels in terms of warranty and overall value for its price, despite its less effective seals and below a normal standard customer service.

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  1. Heard alot of hype about BAKFlip MX4. As a first time buyer of a tonneau cover should I go for it or I should go for cheaper options?

    • BAKFlip MX4 is worth considering, especially if you’re looking for something that’s low maintenance and high quality. Just keep in mind that it’s on the pricier side and scratches can show up more easily. If you’re on a tighter budget or worried about potential damage, you might want to explore some cheaper options like Rough Country Low Profile.

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