Gator EFX vs FX

Gator EFX Tonneau Cover
Gator EFX installed

The Gator EFX and FX are both popular tonneau covers, but which one’s worth the buzz? I’ve spent some time with both, and I’ve got some thoughts to share. Let’s jump in.

Main Highlights

Gator EFX

  • Budget-friendly.
  • Covered with a 3-year guarantee.
  • Features a dual-action tailgate seal.
  • Panels come with a polymer coating.
  • Lightweight.
  • Compatible with various truck models.

I have highlighted some areas where this cover needs improvement in my detailed review.

Gator FX

  • Secure clamping for cargo safety.
  • Keeps the truck bed dry mostly.
  • Designed to handle different weather conditions.
  • It offers Full bed access.
  • Made of high-quality materials.

Now let’s have a quick look at the specs both covers offer.

SpecificationGator FX DetailsGator EFX Details
MaterialAircraft Grade Aluminum PanelsAircraft Grade Aluminum
DesignLow Profile designLow-Profile
FinishScratch and UV Resistant Semi-Gloss Black Powder CoatBlack Powdered Finish with UV-resistant Coating
Warranty2 Years3 years limited warranty
Weight Capacity300 lbs. (Equally Distributed)Up to 300 lbs (Equally Distributed)
Bed AccessFull Bed Access2/3 bed access
Prop RodsAvailable to hold the panels when they are completely openNot available
Buckle StrapsAvailableAvailable
Seals and HingesEPDM Seals and Hinges Ensure Effective Water ResistanceEPDM rubber seals
InstallationNo-Drill InstallationClamp-on installation
LatchesAutomatic Slam LatchesAutomatic Latches
Unlocking MechanismPull CordPull Cord
Frame MaterialAlloyAluminum
SecurityIntegrated Locking systemIntegrated Locking system
Cover WeightApproximately 71 poundsApproximately 65 lbs
Tailgate SealAdvanced Tailgate SealDual action [can be locked whether tailgate is open or closed]
Table of Specs – Gator FX vs EFX

Design and Material

Gator EFX installed
Gator EFX powdered Matte Finish

Let’s talk about Gator EFX first. It’s got this neat three-segment design, one part stays put while the other two fold back towards the truck’s cab.

Also, it features a powdered finish. Looks sleek on any truck and, from what I’ve seen, it’s pretty good at resisting scratches. But only time will truly tell how well it holds up.

It’s got a UV-resistant coat. This means less worry about the sun fading its color or damaging the panels.

Plus, the Gator EFX has a low profile design, which seems to help with aerodynamics, giving a slightly smoother drive and maybe, just maybe, a bit better gas mileage.

For a closer look at Gator EFX, read my dedicated post on it. Click the link.

Gator says the aluminum panels can handle up to 300 lbs spread out evenly. Sounds sturdy, but like anything else, I’d be cautious about pushing those limits. Oh, and those EPDM rubber seals? They seem pretty solid and look like they’ll do their job.

Now, the Gator FX. First off, the semi-gloss black finish looks sharp. But it’s not just about the looks, it’s built to handle UV rays and some minor scuffs here and there. Still, it’s always best to be gentle and see how it holds up over time.

Gator FX Glossly Finishing
Gator FX Semi-Gloss Finish

The panels? They’re made of the same aircraft-grade aluminum as the EFX. And that black frame? Supposedly keeps rust away, which is always a good sign.

Now, here’s a feature I appreciate, full access to the truck bed. You can prop it open while driving, or use those buckle straps to keep it partially open. Handy, right? The EPDM seals and hinges? They’re just like the ones on the EFX, looking pretty durable and resistant to the sun.

Still weighing your options? I created a list of top trifold hard tonneau covers, you may wanna look at it before making a decision. Click here.

And about those slam latches – so far, they seem to lock up tight every time. But again, I’ll be watching to see how they hold up with regular use.

DIY Installation

Alright, whether you’re looking to set up the EFX or the FX, the drill (or lack of it) is pretty much the same. Let’s break it down.

Start by unrolling the cover onto your truck bed. Get it sitting just right. Once you’re happy with its position, grab those 6 clamps, 3 for each side. Just clip them onto the bed rail and tighten ’em up. No drilling is required.

Now, if you’re working with the Gator FX, it’s got these prop rods. These let you open the cover all the way, which can be handy.

And that’s about it! Whether it’s the EFX or the FX, you’re looking at a hassle-free setup. Nice, right?

For an expanded, step-by-step approach, refer to my in-depth guide on the installation of hard tri-fold tonneau covers.


Let’s talk about the Gator EFX’s ease of use. With the pull cord, you can easily get to your truck bed. Just pull, grab your items, and you’re set.

The Gator EFX looks good on any truck. Its shiny cover makes your truck look even cooler. Plus, it doesn’t get scratched easily, so it stays looking new for a long time.

Gator EFX has a low-profile design which saves you some bucks. Its sleek design helps cut wind resistance, which means you’re spending less on gas.

Sadly, you only get 2/3 access to your truck bed with the Gator EFX. And if you ever decide to switch things up, taking off the EFX is simple. Plus, the finishing will keep retaining its look.

Gator FX held with props
Gator FX fully open with props

Now, let’s talk about the Gator FX. Using it is smooth. With its slam latch, opening the truck bed is quick and easy.

Gator FX has a semi-glossy look, which doesn’t scratch easily. So, it stays looking good without much effort.

The best part about FX is that it gives you full-bed access. You can also keep it partially open with buckle straps or keep it fully open with the help of props.

For more insights on Gator FX read our dedicated post on it. Click the link (posted some updates there).

And just like its counterpart Gator EFX, if you ever want to take off the cover, it comes off quickly leaving your truck bed looking sharp and undamaged.

Both these covers, the EFX and FX, have their own unique specs. I was more comfortable with Gator FX because it looks great and gives full bed access.

Water Leakage and Weather Resistance

Gator EFX dents
Hail dents on Gator EFX

When it comes to water resistance, no cover is truly waterproof, and companies don’t claim that either. However, each cover does have its own level of water resistance.

The Gator EFX comes equipped with EPDM seals and is sealed on all sides. However, during heavy rainfall, some water tends to seep in.

It’s particularly noticeable near the cabin area. While the cover does come with drain tubes, they don’t seem to prevent all water leakage effectively.

When it comes to weather elements, the Gator EFX really steps up. Its EPDM seals do an excellent job keeping out dust, snow, and sleet. And yes, it will get dents because of hail. So you need to take care of that.

So why do tonneau covers leak at first place? Read our detailed article here

On the other hand, Gator FX does an impressive job at keeping the truck bed dry, especially around the cabin area. In fact, I didn’t spot a single drop near the cabin, and it managed to keep about 90% of my truck bed moisture-free.

However, I did notice some leakage around the tailgate, likely stemming from the gap between the tailgate and the truck bed.

Despite this, everything inside remained dry. I stored some cardboard inside for about 5 months, and they’re still as crisp and clean as when they were new.

As for handling the elements, Gator FX excels. I faced no problems with dust or snow at all. But like EFX it may get hail dents.

That’s the highlight for me with the Gator FX. For folks who aren’t too concerned about minor water leaks, the Gator EFX is also a solid choice, as it brings similar features to the table.

Lush top of Gator EFX
Gator EFX powdered Top

Which Cover is Secure?

When it comes to security, both the Gator EFX and FX meet my expectations. I opted for a hardcover on purpose, after seeing videos where soft covers were easily torn into by thieves wielding knives.

The beauty of both these Gator models is that they can’t be unlocked without first opening the tailgate. This added layer of protection ensures your belongings remain safeguarded, deterring opportunistic theft.

It’s a relief knowing that what’s inside my truck bed stays safe and secure.

Warranty and Pricing

The Gator EFX is budget-friendly and robust. Packed with features you’d expect from a top-notch tonneau cover, it’s priced at $699.

Considering what it brings to the table, I believe it’s a solid deal, possibly even offering more value than its price suggests.

Ah, let’s not forget the 3-year warranty that comes with the Gator EFX tonneau cover! So, if things go wrong, say the seals break, or the frame starts to corrode you’re covered! That peace of mind, it’s priceless, isn’t it?

Knowing that you won’t have to bear any extra costs for these issues.

NoteDo remember to check over the warranty details, though, for any specific terms and conditions.

On the flip side, for a price range of $999 to $1,039, the Gator FX also offers a good deal. It comes packed with features like a durable protective coating, and efficient water management. It looks premium and feels premium.

Having that said, a 2-year warranty does feel a bit on the shorter side, especially considering the price point. Many competitors in this price range offer longer warranties.

However, Gator offers a 30-day return policy for both Gator EFX and FX does provide some reassurance, giving you a window to test it out and ensure it meets your needs.

In conclusion, if the features align with what you’re looking for, and you value the design and build quality of both Gator EFX and FX, it might be a worthy investment.

However, it would be wise to weigh it, especially when considering the warranty period.


In wrapping up, both the Gator EFX and Gator FX, offer commendable features that make them stand out in the tonneau cover market.

The EFX, with its budget-friendly tag and comprehensive 3-year warranty, offers impressive value for money.

On the other hand, the FX comes at a higher price point and offers enhanced design elements and advanced water management features. While its warranty might seem short in comparison.

Those seeking a balance between cost and functionality might lean towards the EFX, while those who prioritize design and comprehensive bed access might find the FX more to their liking.

For those who appreciate the finer things in life, the Gator FX is the ideal choice. However, the Gator EFX shouldn’t be underestimated. While it may not have the upscale feel of the Gator FX, it meets all essential needs effectively.

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