Pace Edwards Switchblade – In Depth Review

The Pace Edwards Switchblade tonneau cover sets itself apart with its uniquely removable canister. It means you can have full bed access without any hassle, just remove it when you need to load up larger items.

Pace Edwards Switchblade tonneau cover
Pace Edwards Switchblade Installed on GMC Denali

It features a robust design made from aluminum panels bonded with a patented ArmorTek overlay, a vinyl that is both weather-resistant and padded for extra durability.

This combination not only ensures a high level of protection against the elements but also gives the cover an impressive, sleek appearance.

What more it has to offer? You will find out soon.

I am sharing some positive points and areas which can be improved based on my personal experiences with my 2 different trucks.

Positive Aspects:

  • The low-profile design is aesthetically pleasing and adds a sleek look to the truck.
  • Installation process is user-friendly; took about an hour with the aid of a YouTube tutorial.
  • The cover is well-constructed, looks durable for long-term use.
  • Includes a convenient pull strap, which helps in closing the cover when hands are full.
  • Retracts smoothly, maintaining functionality even when the truck bed is loaded.
  • Offers a degree of weather resistance, with modest leakage.
  • The aluminum slats offer better security for cargo compared to other materials like PVC slats or cloth covers.
  • The vinyl covering over the aluminum slats effectively reduces water leakage, keeping the truck bed dry.
  • The design of the drain hoses is well-thought-out, ensuring a perfect fit for the vehicle.

Areas for Improvement:

  • Rear weather stripping could be improved, as it was too short and dislodged from the track.
  • The rubber strip sometimes gets pulled under, requiring manual readjustment.
  • Also, I Experienced some flex and noise when driving, particularly with the back window open.
  • There is a slight leakage issue at the back corners due to the rails not sealing tightly.
  • After applying lubricant to the side rails, the rubber began to ripple, increasing leakage issues.

Have a look at specs.

Cover and Rail MaterialAluminum (panels) with vinyl overlay
Canister materialABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic
Installation TypeClamp-On, No Drill Installation
CoatingMatte UV and Rust Resistant Coating
OperationContinuous Tension Spring
Retract MechanismManual with pull strap
Locking PositionsMultiple Locking Positions
Average Installation TimeApprox. 1 hour
Canister Removable, Approx. 9.75 inches square (varies by model)
Weight50 pounds for 5 to 5.5 feet bed
MaintenanceLow Maintenance, occasional lubrication required
Weather ResistanceDesigned to offer weather resistance
Full Bed AccessCan be attained after removing the canister
CompatibilityDesigned to fit specific truck bed sizes; must be chosen per vehicle model
Warranty1-year limited warranty for components, 3-year limited warranty on vinyl covering
Table of Specs – Pace Edwards Switchblade


Alright, let’s talk about the Pace Edwards Switchblade tonneau cover. It has got a retractable design, which means it rolls back into a canister at the front of your truck bed when you don’t need it covering up your gear.

Switchblade by Pace Edwards
Pace Edwards Switchblade Tonneau Cover

So, you get the whole bed to use without having to remove the entire cover, pretty handy for hauling big stuff.

The main material we’re talking about for the panels is aluminum. They chose aluminum because it’s tough but not too heavy, which is important for something you’re going to be moving back and forth a lot.

The exterior of these panels is finished with a vinyl overlay. That’s there to add a bit of protection against scratches and the sun’s rays, plus it gives it a matte black look that’s pretty sleek.

Furthermore, the canister is made of ABS plastic, which is sensible because canisters of retractable covers often fill with water when it rains, leading to corrosion.

Now, the rail, that’s the bit the cover attaches to, is also aluminum. Aluminum is good stuff for this job since it’s sturdy enough to hold up over time and doesn’t rust. It’s not coated with anything fancy, just the basic finish, but that’s usually enough to keep it looking decent.

As for sealing, there’s a weather seal around the edges. That’s to stop water and dirt from sneaking in. It’s not submarine-tight, but it does a fair job of keeping the elements at bay.

Now, opening and closing is a breeze. There’s a pull strap to slide it open, and you can stop it anywhere along the rails if you only need part of the bed.

That means you can have it fully open, fully closed, or partially open. What keeps it open? The cover latches onto the rails, and that’s your holding mechanism.

Speaking of locking, it’s got a latch system at the back that clicks into place when you close it. If your tailgate locks, the cover is pretty secure because you can’t open the cover without opening the tailgate.

One thing to remember is that while the aluminum is sturdy, it’s not made for piling stuff on top. So, no loading up coolers or tools on it.

Switchblade’s retractable design and removable canister gives full bed access, the aluminum build is solid without making the cover a pain to slide, and the vinyl finish keeps things looking clean. The easy-open feature with the pull strap is a no-fuss way to get at your gear.

Functionality and Impact

Pace Edwards Switchblade Tonneau Cover has been a game-changer for my truck. I like how the aluminum slats keep my belongings out of sight and deter any would-be thieves when I’ve got the tailgate locked.

Switchblade Retractable truckbed Cover
Pace Edwards Switchblade Retractable Cover

That said, I’ve had a few run-ins with water making an entrance at the back corners during heavy downpours. It’s a small flaw (with few trucks), but it’s there, and I’ve learned to keep an eye on it.

For installation and removal all you’ll need are two common tools: a Phillips screwdriver and a 7/16″ wrench, that’s it, no fuss.

Driving with this cover on has been a smooth experience, too. It’s shaped to cut through the air, and it’s giving me a few extra miles per gallon.

Although it’s mostly quiet, I’ve noticed a bit of noise when I’m speeding down the highway with the back window down, take that as a hint to check the seals more often.

The ease of operation is brilliant. With the pull strap, one can close the cover single-handedly, which comes in handy more often than not. I love how it can be rolled back and adjusted partially or fully depending on my load, and it locks in place.

However, I’ve spent some time realigning the retraction mechanism here and there or smooth out the rubber after a bit of grease application, it’s a minor inconvenience.

Maintaining this cover hasn’t been a hassle. It seems to shake off wear and tear with just a regular clean. I’ll admit, after some maintenance, I sometimes need to pat down the rubber to make sure it’s smooth and fully functional.

Overall, I’m really pleased with the Switchblade Tonneau Cover. It’s a smart investment that has enhanced the look and function of my truck. Despite the slight quirks with water resistance and maintenance, its a great choice.

Weather Performance

Pace Edwards Switchblade Tonneau Cover, it does a solid job at keeping my truck bed mostly dry. The drainage system is a standout feature, equipped with tubes that do a great job diverting water away.

In everyday situations like light rain and car washes, it holds up flawlessly, not letting a drop in. But when it comes to those serious downpours, well, that’s when it gets a real test.

It performs admirably, but like most tonneau covers out there, it’s not immune to the occasional leak. A bit of moisture may find its way in at the back corners during heavy rain.

Ever wondered why do tonneau covers leak? I have a detailed post on it check that out here:

Besides, this cover shows great defense against the everyday beatings from dents, scratches, and the harsh sun. It’s been months, and the thing still looks as fresh as the day I installed it.

I’ve learned that those rubber seals are pretty robust, but I do give them a once-over before any trip, especially when the weather’s looking iffy. It’s better to be safe than sorry, considering extreme heat can take a toll on even the best seals.

Snow, sleet, hail, you name it, the cover has stood its ground. I was skeptical at first, but even in a blizzard, the stuff on my truck bed stayed snow-free.

Dust and sand haven’t been issues either. I never experienced a sand storm though with this cover but didn’t find any dust inside.

In a nutshell, this cover’s a keeper. It shows great resistance against the weather elements.

A word on Security

Speaking of security, the Pace Edwards Switchblade does not have a lock on it. When you pull the strap, the cover slides open and locks at the end of the rail near the tailgate. Locking the tailgate secures everything tightly.

Some people consider the lack of a separate lock a plus point, since it eliminates the fuss of using different keys for the tailgate and the cover to access the truck bed.

Because it doesn’t have a lock, I can’t comment much on security. I don’t usually keep valuable items in the truck bed. However, if you do, you might view this as a potential issue. Even with a locked tailgate, determined thieves may figure out a way to break in.

The slats are tough and provide a strong barrier, but there’s always a small chance that someone could figure out how to open the cover without unlocking the tailgate.

You should also be mindful of where you park your truck. Avoid leaving it in dark and unfamiliar places, especially when you have valuable items in the bed.

In summary, the Pace Edwards Switchblade’s design prioritizes ease of use with its tailgate-dependent security, but if you’re tossing pricey gear in the back, just keep an extra eye out.

A Word on Cost and Warranty

Digging into the Pace Edwards Switchblade, I’ve gotta say, the sticker price of $1,109 to $1,168 feels right for what you’re getting. You can tell they didn’t skimp on build quality or design, it’s solid all around.

What’s more, they back it up with a 2-year warranty, which really seals the deal on its value. And hey, a 30-day money-back offer further validate the investment, adding to its value proposition.

The Pace Edwards Switchblade really seems like a smart buy at this price point getting a sturdy, retractable cover that amps up your truck’s look for just about 1.1 grand is a solid deal in my book.


All things considered, the Pace Edwards Switchblade Tonneau Cover, is a standout choice for truck owners who value both form and function without splashing out too much cash.

You’re looking at a cover that’s tough, secure, and stylish, with a build quality that’s meant to last. The way it manages to shrug off water and keep your gear clean and safe is pretty impressive.

For a retractable cover at this price point and with all the features and 2 year warranty, feels justifiable. It’s got the kind of value that makes you nod in approval every time you glance at your truck.

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