Roll-N-Lock M-Series vs A-Series

Roll-N-Lock M-Series and A-Series covers are both retractable truck bed covers, but they differ in design and materials. Both have key locks and use a torsion spring for smooth retraction.


They also feature similar kind of compact canisters that blend seamlessly with the truck bed, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

The A-Series steps up with its matte black, low-profile design. Its standout feature is the powder-coated finish, which protects the cover from sun damage and corrosion.

On the other hand, the M-Series is distinguished by its one-piece soft cover appearance. It combines an aluminum core with a thick vinyl wrap, offering a sleek, seamless look.

While Roll-N-Lock claims excellent “all-weather performance” for both models, the A-Series might have an edge in durability due to its protective coating. The M-Series, meanwhile, offers a visually appealing design with functional benefits.

What else sets these covers apart? You’re about to find out.

Common Features:

  • Customer Service: Exceptional responsiveness with quick replacement of damaged units.
  • Multiple Latching Points: Can be fixed at four points along the rails, adding to its security.
  • Ultra Compact Canister: Both feature mini canister, which doesn’t touch the truck bed, providing full bed access.
  • Key-Lock: Both covers feature key lock.

“Roll-N-Lock M-Series” excels in:

  • Quality & Appearance: High-quality build and aesthetic appeal with seamless slats.
  • Weather Resistance: Mostly water-resistant, standing up well to heavy rain.
  • Key Lock: Features a premium key lock, a rarity in its price range.

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On the other hand, “Roll-N-Lock A-Series” excels in:

  • Ease of Use: Smooth operation post-installation, offering secure and reliable coverage.
  • Good Fit and Functionality: Fits perfectly and operates smoothly for effective bed protection.
  • Low Maintenance: Requires minimal maintenance due to its robust, full-metal build.

I’ve put together all the specs in tabular form for side by side comparison.

SpecificationRoll N Rock A-SeriesRoll-N-Lock M-Series
Vinyl one piece look
Retraction MechanismRatchet-Style Torsion Spring DriveRatchet-Style Torsion Spring Drive
Panel/Core MaterialDual Layer Aluminum SlatsAluminum Slats
Rail MaterialAluminumAluminum
Ultra-slim (7 ¼ inch deep only)
Ultra-slim (7 ¼ inch deep only)
ExteriorBlack Powder Coated AluminumVinyl-over-Aluminum Laminated
Aerodynamic Design
Seal MaterialHigh-Quality RubberHigh-Quality Rubber
FinishMatte Black Powder CoatingVinyl coating
Weather ResistanceWater-Resistant with Hidden Seals,
UV & Scratch Resistant
Recessed Drain Fittings,
Finger Insulator Grip on Key Slot
SecurityBuilt-in Tailgate Lock
Key Slot Cover
Built-in Tailgate Lock
Key Slot Cover
Weight Capacity125 lb120 lb
Opening & ClosingTurning Knob & Pull StrapTurning Knob & Pull Strap
AccessoriesMaxTrak Slotted Rails
(Available in A-series XT)
T-Slotted Rails
(Available in M-series XT)
Cover Weight118 Pounds (for 5’7″ Truck Bed)95 Pounds
Bed AccessFull Bed Access,
4 Locking Positions
Full Bed Access
Four-Point Locking System
Tailgate SealIntegrated Tailgate sealIntegrated Tailgate seal
Warranty3-Year Limited Warranty3-Year Limited Warranty
Price Range$1,949 and $2,099
$2,099 – $2,199 (A-Series XT)
$1,599 – $1,699,
$1,749 – $1,899 (for M-Series XT)
Table of Specs Roll-N-Lock A-Series vs M-Series

Design Comparison

Roll-N-Lock M-Series is constructed with aluminum slats, offering a robust and lightweight structure. These slats are coated with marine grade vinyl, enhancing the cover’s aesthetics but less durable than the aluminum base.

A-Series Cover’s Canister cover

The cover is equipped with a torsion spring mechanism for smooth retraction and a pull strap for easy extension, enhancing user convenience.

The canister and rails, made primarily of durable aluminum, are designed to be compact (7 ¼ inch deep only) , reducing the space occupied in the truck bed.

However, the canister is not removable, a consideration for those needing full bed access.

The M-Series features a rotating cylinder lock with a key for security and features a dual action tailgate locking system, allowing the cover to be opened and closed without needing to open the tailgate.

This combination offers both security and ease of use, making it a practical choice for daily usage.

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In contrast, the A-Series tonneau cover features a design with a focus on durability and lightweight handling, thanks to its all-aluminum construction.

The core of this cover consists of two layers of aluminum with a black powder-coated top surface. Its full metal construction makes it more durable cover in comparison.

The aluminum components, including the rails and cover, are treated with a matte black powder coating for enhanced resistance to scratches and UV damage.

The cover’s latching mechanism is a patented ratchet-style system, allowing the cover to be locked at various positions, offering flexibility depending on cargo needs.

Moreover, it also comes with a lever lock and a pull strap, for smooth opening and closing.

M-Series Lockable with a key
Key-Lock on M-Series cover

The locking system is secure, featuring a built-in tailgate lock and a specialized key slot on the cover for added safety.

The aluminum canister of the A-Series, like the M-Series, is ultra slim, minimizing the space usage in the truck bed. The cover’s seals and stripping, made of high-quality rubber.

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For water- resistance it also comes with drain tubes, which effectively keep water out, ensuring the truck bed remains dry.

The cover’s design is sleek and low-profile, contributing to a premium look.

Side Note: For added versatility, the A-Series XT and M-Series XT variants from Roll-N-Lock feature the MaxTrak Slotted Rails, offering enhanced customization options.

Overall, the Roll-N-Lock A-Series and M-Series are both robust and functional tonneau covers, offering style and secure storage for truck beds. However, the A-Series is more durable due to its full aluminum construction, giving it an edge over the M-Series in terms of long-term resilience.

All-Weather Performance and Durability

Speaking of weather Roll-N-Lock has designed these covers for the best all weather performance. Let’s find out which one is more effective.

Rust and Leakage

Both the M-Series and A-Series tonneau covers feature designs that effectively channel rainwater into the canister, shielding the truck bed from water in typical rain conditions.

Moreover, the A-Series tonneau cover’s ability to resist water is notable. It performs better than the M-Series cover, ensuring minimal water ingress.

To combat corrosion, the M-Series cover integrates a vinyl top over its aluminum structure, enhancing its defense against moisture and external elements. The natural corrosion resistance of aluminum is further augmented here.

Its rails and metallic parts are powder-coated and treated with anti-corrosion materials for longevity.

On the other hand, the A-Series, with its powder-coated aluminum top, is highly resistant to corrosion and other weather elements.

My experience with these covers has been largely positive in terms of water resistance. However, M-Series did leak a few times, when there was a heavy storm.

UV Rays and Dust

Worn out vinyl top after rough use - Roll-N-Lock M-Series
M-Series Vinyl top after rough use

Roll-N-Lock M-Series tonneau cover excels in dust filtration and cargo protection. The seals and stripping do a good job of preventing dust infiltration. Regular inspection and maintenance of the seals are recommended to avoid these issues.

However, the vinyl top can show wear or fading over time with intense, prolonged sun exposure.

On the flip side, the powdered coat of aluminum is unbothered by the sun. It doesn’t fade and keeps retaining its look with time.

Furthermore, rubber seals in this cover are high-quality and long-lasting, but it’s wise to periodically check them, particularly before encountering extreme weather, to ensure their durability.

Hail and Snow

Both covers perform well in snow, as retractable covers typically don’t jam or freeze in the cold. However, it’s important to clear snow off the cover to prevent exceeding its weight capacity and potentially damaging it.

Regarding hail, it’s universally damaging, so it’s advisable to park your truck under shelter during hailstorms.

M-Series cover is more susceptible to damage due to its softer vinyl top compared to the A-Series’ aluminum top. However, the underlying aluminum holds up, possibly sustaining a few dents but remains intact.

Similarly, the A-Series cover’s top might also dent, but its dual-layer construction protects it from serious damage.

Roll-N-Lock M-Series and A-Series covers provide robust weather protection, with the A-Series showing superior resistance to water and corrosion, and both needing regular maintenance for optimal performance.


Roll-N-Lock A-Series and M-Series Tonneau Covers share several key security features, making them excellent choices:

Both Covers come with a Key-Lock
  1. Key Lock Mechanism: Both covers are equipped with a robust key lock system to deter theft.
  2. Dual-Locking with Tailgate: They offer enhanced security when used with a locked tailgate.
  3. Sturdy Construction: Made from strong materials like aluminum, both covers are durable and resistant to penetration or damage.
  4. Privacy and Theft Deterrent: These covers effectively prevent unauthorized access and maintain privacy by sealing the truck bed.
  5. Maintenance and Additional Security: Regular maintenance of the locking mechanisms is recommended. For added security, consider parking in well-lit areas and using additional devices like alarms or GPS trackers.

Both the A-Series and M-Series provide reliable security and protection for truck beds, differing mainly in their synchronization with tailgate locks and specific material construction.

Operation and Usage

Both A-Series and M-Series are same in terms of functionality, so my usage experience was almost similar.

Easy Access:
Both the A-Series and M-Series covers excel in providing smooth and quick access to the truck bed. The torsion spring mechanism allows for easy gliding and opening, enhancing the user experience, especially for those who frequently need to access the bed.

Hauling Flexibility:
Both models offer four-point locking system to cater varied cargo requirements, allowing for convenient adjustments.

Ride Comfort and Stability:
The aerodynamic design of both covers contributes positively to ride comfort and vehicle stability, especially at higher speeds. While there is a noted improvement in fuel efficiency, it’s not significantly impactful

Noise Level:
In general, both the A-Series and M-Series covers are quiet. However, they might produce some noise in windy conditions or at high speeds, which is common for most tonneau cover

A-Series Aluminum Top
Flushed Aluminum Top of A-Series

While both models require regular maintenance for optimal performance and longevity, the M-Series, with its vinyl top, demands more frequent attention.

After rain or a car wash pat dry the vinyl top and use cleaners to enhance its durability.

Regular cleaning, checking seals, and appropriate care are essential for maintaining their condition and functionality.

In essence, the Roll-N-Lock A-Series and M-Series Tonneau Covers share many similarities in terms of usage and impact. The key difference lies in the maintenance, with the A-Series potentially requiring more due to its vinyl composition.

Cost Comparison

Roll-N-Lock A-Series ranges from $1,949 to $2,099, with the enhanced A-Series XT model priced between $2,099 and $2,199.

In comparison, the M-Series is more budget-friendly, ranging from $1,599 to $1,699, and the M-Series XT variant falls between $1,749 and $1,899.

For those interested in accessory customization for more storage space, the XT variants of both models present a viable choice, although at a higher cost.

While both the A-Series and M-Series are priced within the mid-range market, the A-Series is slightly more expensive.

And, the 3-year limited warranty offered with both models is standard. But for their price range, it should be longer for A-Series at least

Some users might seek longer warranty options available in market, within this price range.

Overall, these covers offer robust weather resistance and quality, aligning their prices with the value and performance they provide.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, the Roll-N-Lock A-Series and M-Series Tonneau Covers share many similar features. However, in terms of durability, the A-Series has a slight advantage.

Both models provide comparable security for the truck bed, but the A-Series offers marginally better weather resistance.

Price-wise, the M-Series is more affordable and it gives the one piece look, though it requires more frequent maintenance to preserve its durability.

A-Series maintains its appearance more effectively over time, whereas the vinyl top of the M-Series is susceptible to dust accumulation and fading, especially if exposed to prolonged sunlight.

Both covers are great rest you can choose according to your needs and budget.